SCARECROW CORRIDOR – October 13, 2015

This morning’s walk took me around Coupeville to check out the The Haunting of Coupeville. Every year their is a contest to see which business put up the best scarecrow. This years theme is “Rock n Roll” and here are this years crop! (If you want a closer look at any of these you should be able to click on the image and a large picture should pop up)

10-13-15-Scarecrow-Corridor  10-13-15-Lions

10-13-15-Whidbey-Bank      10-13-15-WSU-110-13-15-WSU-2


10-13-15-Greatful-Dead  10-13-15-Kapaws  10-13-14-Penn-Cove-Gallery


  10-13-15-Christophers  10-13-15-Seaside-Spa



And here’s my photo interpretation of “The Byrds”!


I hope you enjoyed this years scarecrows, I sure did.


PENN COVE SUNRISE – October 6, 2015

Good morning! There’s a stranger among us and I believe it’s me.

Sorry about the long absence but life got in the way. Actually a vacation down to my brother Ron down in Fort Bragg, California was part of it and I’ve embarked on a new project that seems to have eaten all my time lately.

I’m in the process of designing and building a teardrop trailer from scratch. It’s turning out to be an all consuming project over which I’ve become obsessed.

On my way to the equipment rental store, first thing this morning, I found myself at the west end of Penn Cove looking at an explosive sunrise. Since I always have a camera with me I stopped and took the following photos. I really hope you enjoy them.


Here’s a little closer look at the Cascade Mountain range.


This is from the west-northwest side of Penn Cove with a wharf in the foreground.


Thanks for stopping by and I do plan on getting back to walking and blogging in the not too distant future.

Have a wonderful day :-)

FOGGY WHARF – September 4, 2015

I was surprised by the fog this morning. When I left the house it was partly cloudy but a couple of miles into my walk the fog rolled in. That made for some interesting photos. My brother Ron always says, “If it’s foggy take foggy photos.” so I did.

Here’s the Coupeville Wharf from the bluff to the southwest.


I walked out on the wharf and spotted this Kingfisher. They are hard to get a good photo because they are very skittish. I think I finally got a good one.


My old friend Frank the heron was on his favorite post. I liked the contrast between him and the foggy sailboat.


Earlier in my walk I spotted these fish “swimming” in front of the Pacific NorthWest Art School, very colorful.


Here’s the full display.


I hope you had a good week and now onward to Labor Day Weekend. I hope you have a fun holiday.

WANING STORM – September 3, 2015

Welcome to September, a few days late. It has rained every day this month along with some pretty good winds. Last weekend it was gusting to 50+ MPH here on the island. Not my idea of “walking weather”.

Today was much better and it looks like the storm is finally waning. Here are a couple of photos showing it in graphic detail.

This one is looking east across Penn Cove.


This is from the Coupeville Wharf with a lovely yacht and the schooner Suva at the dock.


That was it, a nice walk and a couple of photos, I’m a happy guy :-) Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you again soon walking by my side.

MT. BAKER SILHOUETTE – August 25, 2015

We had an incredible sunrise this morning over Penn Cove accentuating the Mt. Baker silhouette. I took about fifty photos but this one ended up being the winner. I hope you enjoy it.


Miss Kitty Kitty was caught napping along the back fence in the morning sunshine. What a pretty kitty :-)


By the way she’s sixteen years old and deserves a good nap!

Thanks for walking with me today and with some luck I’ll be back tomorrow.

Dipping Lug For Sale – August 21, 2015

I’ve decided to sell my sailboat and would like to ask your help in getting the word out. I’ve posted it on Craigs List but I thought my blog might reach a few more. So please share this blog with your friends.


FOR SALE: 1989 Freya “Dipping Lug”, “Three In One”, Classic Sailboat.

This fourteen foot classic “dipping lug” sailboat is also a row boat and motorboat.

It’s designed after the lobster boats of New England back in the 1800’s. The “dipping lug” design allowed the fishermen to avoid the hazards of a boom knocking them overboard while dealing with the lobster traps. The “dipping lug” design went away when the outboard motor was invented in the late 1800’s.

This beautiful boat was a special order from Freya Boat Works by a Freya sailing yacht owner who wanted an nice little tender for his yacht. To the best of my knowledge it is the only one that Freya ever made. The workmanship is the same as you will find on classic Freya Yacht’s built in the 1980’s and 90’s.

As a “dipping lug” sailboat it uses lea boards for stability as opposed to a keel or centerboard. It has a larger rudder and tiller arm. All the lines are new. The sail is brown and in perfect condition. It is a different sailing experience that is really a lot of fun and it certainly gets lots of interesting looks out on the water.

As a rowboat the wooden oars are very long and copied after the “Square” or “Standard” blade style oars for sport rowing around the mid 1800’s.

As a motorboat it has a 1992 eight horsepower Evinrude outboard that runs great on this boat.

The lapstrake hull is Western Cedar. The rails, floor grates, transom and other wooden parts are a combination of Mahogany Western Cedar and Teak. The mast and lug are Sitka Spruce, and the lea boards, rudder and tiller are mahogany.

The boat is on a Calkins trailer that is in excellent shape.

It comes with a new “Classic Accessories” boat cover for protection.

This boat is comparable to the Gig Harbor “Main Lobster Boats” that sells for almost $12,000.

If you’re looking for a classic boat that is a lot of fun come check it out.

Own this very unique and one of a kind sailboat for just $3,750

Freya-tied-to-the-dock Freya-Stern Freya-Outboard Freya-Launch Freya-inside-bow Freya-Emblem Freya-boat-cover Freya-at-home

Thank you my friends. I’ll expect you back walking with me next week :-)

71 YEARS AND COUNTING – August 19, 2015

Today I am celebrating 71 years of great living by enjoying a short camping trip at our place in Port Susan, WA. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it :-)


I’ll try to get back to walking around Coupeville in a day or so but in the meantime enjoy this photo I took of Mt. Baker from the Skagit Valley today.


I hope you are having a good week and we’ll walk again soon.