This is the first post of my new Blog about Coupeville, Washington and the surrounding area. During my daily walks around Coupeville, Ebey Reserve and Whidbey Island I take many photos and enjoy sharing the beauty of the area and the stories that go along with this historic area.

I hope you enjoy my photos and comments. I look forward to your comments as well. There are many stories about the area and some are founded and some are not. I would like to keep this blog as accurate as possible so if you have information that corrects the historical statements I make I’d love to hear from you.

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So on that preamble, here goes!

Todays walk from Coupeville to Ebey’s Landing, a 7 1/2 mile round trip from one side of the island to the other. The first thing I noticed was the graffiti around town. Remember, Coupeville is a very small historic town with great respect for the area. So here it is.

Apparently spring has bitten some young fellow prompting him to post a message in the highway overpass walkway. These are Styrofoam cups that people, from time to time, poke into the wire mesh. It must be Prom time as I believe it says “Iris —> Prom I Love U”.


And then there’s the ‘Message Rock” at the school. It is sort of like a “Tweet” in that it presents a short message and is constantly changing. This morning I guess “Amanda” turned 16.


If that’s all we have for graffiti I’m a happy guy.

Moving further out on the Prairie I believe I found a gentleman farmer. Back in Nebraska, where I grew up in the 1950’s the farmers would take a roll of toilet paper with them on the tractor or get creative (use your imagination here) when they needed to relieve themselves. This guy has placed a Porta Potty out in the middle of the field. My oh my how times have changed.


On a lighter note, when I reached Ebey Landing I couldn’t resist looking across Admiralty Inlet to Port Townsend. The Red Arrow is where I was looking.

admiralty inlet

Chart Copied From NOAA

Looking across that water you can just make out the Port Wilson lighthouse and Port Townsend with the Olympic Mountains in the background..


Port Townsend zoomed in.


Port Wilson Lighthouse zoomed in.


I sure do like my little Canon SX30IS camera with it’s 30X zoom.

Thanks for sharing my walk, I hope you enjoyed it. See you tomorrow!

One thought on “FIRST OF MANY

  1. Hi Ken and Marilyn. I am glad you are back with blogs. Checked for RD blog a few weeks ago, but none there on WordPress . I just finished a total remodel of our guest bathroom (to the studs) myself, new drywall, tile shower, vanity etc. So I know how that is all consuming of one’s time.
    Looking forward to more news from you.
    Best, Mike O’Brien. Valley Head, AL
    Best to yo

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