This morning’s walk took me about three miles out Madrona Way to the Penn Cove Mussel Farm. Madrona Way is the main road that goes west out of Coupeville.

What’s a Mussel Farm you ask? Well it’s a bunch of platforms floating on the water with lines hanging down into the water. Each line has a number of round plastic plates on which the mussels grow and thrive. The thorough flushing of Penn Cove by tidal changes keeps the water pristine and perfect for their growth.

Before we get to the Mussel Farm I went past a whale of a garden.


These whales area welded steel art and they seem to keep adding to the pod.

I also saw this lonely old bench looking out toward Penn Cove. I can only imagine the stories it can tell from people sitting on it sharing love and stores of days gone by.


This anchored sailboat caught my eye. It was an overcast morning with beach clouds that hadn’t burned off yet. That kind of lighting makes for great pictures. I hope you agree.


Finally I got to the Mussel Farm. There are the rafts the grow the mussels. Founded in 1975 Penn Cove Shellfish Company started growing and cultivating mussels in Penn Cove. Since then they have become the largest mussel farm in the United States. Each raft supports 900 to 2,500 lines and yields up to fifty pounds of mussels on each. You can read more at Penn Cove Shellfish Company.


I took a small side-road that goes right down to the beach where they offload the boats that harvest the mussels. From there I had a good view of the workers getting ready for their days work.


I’ll get into the whole Mussel Farm story in a future blog.

I’m always on the lookout for a “photo-op” and this “Fresh Smelt” sign caught my attention.

Fresh Smelt sign

While down at the beach I thought these beach houses looked really pretty in the subdued light.


An that wraps up my week of walking. I generally don’t walk on the weekend but I may take that opportunity to upload some other photos I took during the week that didn’t previously make the cut.

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2 thoughts on “MADRONA WAY

  1. We lived in Coupeville for several months before moving to Oak Harbor and usually preferred Madrona Way to hwy 20, unless we were in a real big hurry. I very much enjoyed your photos.

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