This mornings walk has been canceled due to high winds. It’s blowing 20 MPH, gusting to 40 MPH and I’m a fair weather walker. Not only that it’s snowing, so to speak.


The neighbors behind us have two huge cherry trees and the winds have carried the cherry blossoms over onto our deck. It really looks like snow although at 45 degrees F it’s not.

Since I don’t have any photos from todays walk I’d like to share Coupeville’s Saturday Market. Every Saturday, starting in April and going through October, local farmers, crafts people and artists set up tents in one of our large parks and sell their wares. last Saturday was the first one we’ve gone to this year but will go to many more. It was sprinkling off and on so the crowd was not too big and because it’s still early in the year there were not as many “vendors” as there will be later on this summer. It runs from 10:00AM to 2:00 PM, check it out sometime.

So here’s kind of an overall shot of the market.


There were two produce vendors sharing the same spot, Willowood Farm and Prairie Bottom Farm. We bought some radishes from them but everything looked great..


Next stop was for some Sour Dough Bread, and boy is theirs good. Coyote Bakery bakes it fresh every Friday just before the market.


Then you need a little honey to put on the bread. Round To It has just about the best honey you can find. Here Marilyn tastes their Fireweed Honey which we bought.


Then there’s the knot guy who makes all kinds of interesting things using mostly rope tied into different kinds of knots, very interesting.


I bought some Blueberry BBQ Sauce at Hunter’s Moon Blueberries. I can’t wait to bar-b-que some salmon using it.


This lady shows up every year selling frozen salmon and other seafood. What’s interesting is she pulls this 250 pound cart with her bicycle. It’s a modified Surly, 27 speed bicycle. She says it rides pretty good but it’s slow going up hills, ya think? In the background you can see Hot Rock Pizza. It’s a mobile brick pizza oven with the fire going inside. I can’t imagine how much that must weigh but it’s worth it, the pizzas are great!


And that is our little Saturday Market. I’ll cover it again later on in the summer when things are really busy.

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