When I left my house this morning for my walk it was cloudy and spitting a wee bit. After the first quarter mile it was sprinkling. At the one mile mark it started raining and I beat feet for home. It’s kind of hard to take pictures in the rain and keep the lens clear. So that’s now my day started with a two mile walk.


But as the saying goes, “April showers brings May flowers. So being the last day of April I thought I’d talk a quick glimpse ahead to May and it looks quite pretty. I managed to get these flowers on my shortened walk, enjoy.

Red Rhododendron


Pink Rhododendron


Euphirbia Characias; Species Wulfenii


Pink Azalea


Perennial with Orange and Yellow Flowers

Sorry I don’t know what those last ones are but I thought they were pretty.

So good bye April here’s looking forward to nicer weather.

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