As I was walking out Parker Road heading east out of Coupeville I turned around and saw the sun rising on Coupeville. What lovely place to live.


Walking out Parker is not one of my favorite walks because it’s a heavily wooded road with not a lot to see, that is until you look around a little bit and as usual I found lots to take pictures of. Not necessarily great pictures but I think you may find them interesting.

First stop the Egg Shack. There are several farmers around Coupeville that sell eggs on the honor system. They all run around $4.00 a dozen but they are all free-range and really good. So here’s the sign pointing you to the Egg Shack.


And with that intriguing sign you might expect well… a shack. This is the actual egg taking station and it works just fine.


At the end of Parker, or at least where the road makes a hard turn to the south, there are some trails that I’ve never been on. Well I can’t say that after today. While I didn’t walk all the trails I did make it part way. It’s a fairly dense woods and the trails are nice.


As it turns out is part of the Au Sable Institute. At one point I broke out into the open field of their property.


The Au Sable Institute, Pacific Rim Campus, is located  on Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound, the mid-point connecting Vancouver, British Columbia and Seattle, Washington. Whidbey Island is surrounded by ocean and mountain ranges, with the Olympic Mountain Range to the west and the Cascade Mountains to the east. A great marine environment encloses the island, with a wonderful estuary to the east. Pacific Rim is situated on a former state game farm and includes a rare, remnant, glacial outwash prairie, home to the threatened golden paintbrush plant. Nearby tide pools display a remarkable array of sea life at low tide, and coastal cliffs rise along the eastern boundary of the Pacific Ocean. Orca whales and harbor seals, flocks of feeding shore birds, abundant marine invertebrates and diverse sea plants, and scores of Bald Eagles are among the creatures that can be observed on the site. You can read more about the institute at Pacific Rim Institute.

On the way back home I took a shot of the “Welcome” sign to show you how wooded the road is and why there doesn’t seem to be a lot of photo opportunities.


I did see this old barn that caught my eye as a potential photo of note. It had a little tule fog around the bottom that added a nice touch.


I’ve also been watching this really big building go up and always wondered what it was going to be. I finally had a chance to talk with the owners  and as it turns out it’s a woodshop downstairs and a rec area for the kids upstairs. Comparing the size of the shop to the size of the house I’d say that the guy did a great sales job on his wife.


Lastly, as I was returning home, I couldn’t resist one last photo of Coupeville. This is what our wonderful little town looks like as you drive in from the west on Parker Road.


Sorry this went a little long but as usual there’s always lots to see around our wee little town, enjoy.

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