During my morning walk I got a good picture of Coupeville’s “Big Rock”. Most people never see this rock but it’s right beside the Big Rock Apartments on South Main Street. I don’t know exactly where this Glacial Erratic Rock came from but it’s bigger than a house. You can read all about it and other erratic’s on Whidbey Island at Northwest Geology Field Trips.


There seemed to be quite a bit of wildlife out this morning. These two small deer were pretty cute.


Out on the Ebey Prairie I saw this Osprey and Hawk hanging out in the morning sunshine.



This Heron was fishing up a storm and coming up with some tasty little morsels.


And this is the one that got away. Just like fishing, in photography some can get away. This Loon was going to be a beautiful shot but  just a fraction of a second before I pressed the shutter button it dove forward into the water and this was all I got. It resurfaced but too far away to get a second shot.


On the way home I just couldn’t resist one last picture looking over Coupeville from just above our house.


And with that another week starts. It’s like summer out and it sure does make walking fun. Hopefully it will continue so I can bring you more great pictures

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4 thoughts on “BIG ROCK

  1. I live in Coupeville and love reading your blog! Do you know how long I lived here, delivering my kids to the elementary school, before I noticed the rock?! Ha. (By the way, I am no wildlife expert, but I believe your first bird picture is of a juvenile bald eagle, not an osprey.)

    • I did not know that, we’ve only lived in Coupeville for almost eight years. I love learning about things about the community like that. I think I would have liked the little cabins much better than the apartments that are there now.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! My brand new hubby climbed that rock, June 1976! Before it was torn down, we were renting a little cabin apartment right next to that rock. I was one of those old motels from very long ago where all the rooms were a separate little cabin. I will need to go thru my photo albums and look for those photos. Thanks for the memories 🙂

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