When I left the house this morning I felt like I wouldn’t find anything interesting to take pictures of but as always I was pleasantly surprised to see what Mr. Canon was able to find.

Walking across the Ebey Prairie I spied this old hearty prairie farmer plowing his field by hand! Should I say that again, “By Hand”! When’s the last time you’ve seen someone doing that. I have to admit that the garden he was plowing was probably 15′ X 20′ but still…


Nearer Ebey Landing I saw this moss covered tree. When we were kids dad would tell us that it’s “bear hair”. It gets there when the bears rub up against the trees. Later in the summer it dries out, turns brown and looks a lot more like bear hair than this does.


Down on the beach I spotted this driftwood shack. We use to build these when we were kids and our folks would take us to the ocean. My old high school fiend Sallie is always looking for a cabin near the beach, maybe this would work.


On the way back across the island I spied this mushroom and thought it would make a nice picture and it did. Are there any Mycological Society people out there that can tell me what it is?


And the biggest surprise was an educational opportunity out at the end of the wharf. As I walked around the back of the big building at the end of the wharf I came upon a Oyster Ship.


The reason I was surprised is because we don’t have oysters in Penn Cove, or at least I didn’t think so.  After talking with the skipper he informed me that he was delivering oysters to the far end of Penn Cove where they’ll grow over the next three years and then be available to State Park goers to collect. The boat comes from the Hood Canal Oyster Company where they grow oysters for sale and distribution. Apparently the State Parks Department hires this company to deliver oysters all over the San Juan Islands. The skipper was a really nice guy and quite knowledgeable about oysters, I learned a lot.


So what a great morning!! I sure do love this place.

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