Today was a shortened walk for a couple of reasons. First of all I got a new pair of walking shoes. Unfortunately they aren’t the same model of shoes as I had before. Like all good shoe manufacturers New Balance can’t seem to leave a good thing alone. The new shoes feel really great but I noticed while walking that there is just enough difference to make my claves ache after three miles. I’m sure it just muscle memory that needs to be retrained but I only walk three and a half miles. Here are my new shoes.


And here are my old shoes with around 3,000 miles on them. Like I said, they were great shoes.


The other reason I cut my walk a little short was due to the weather. It was one of those drippy, shore cloud, foggy kind of morning. Here’s Coupeville and the wharf looking west from Parker Road. The fog does make for a nice photo effect.


Finally for the day I have a question for my friend Ed who is an avid motorcycle rider and dedicated blog reader. I saw this parked in front of a neighbors house this morning and I’m not sure what it is. The pickup is an International Harvester but the bike?


For all you working people enjoy your Hump Day, for all you retired people just enjoy the Day!

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