This mornings 6 1/2 mile walk out to the cemetery and back yielded some interesting photo opp’s. The first thing I noticed in a neighbors yard was this young buck with his antlers starting to come in. That’s the first one I’ve see one with horns this season.


The other day I posted a picture of what I thought was an osprey but as one reader pointed out it may have been an immature eagle. This morning I saw this guy out in the fields of the prairie and there is no doubt that it’s a bald eagle. What a magnificent bird and symbol of our country.


Next stop was the wharf where it looked like an airport terminal with all the planes lined up for take-off.


And then I noticed the “Grump on a Stump”. Heron’s to me look like Ed Sullivan and sort of grumpy. I thought this one captured the feeling really well.


And finally today, it starts with last night. We were out for our 14th wedding anniversary dinner at Cameron’s Restaurant in Old Town Oak Harbor. On the way home we drove through Coupeville, like we always do, and noticed this beautiful old yacht docked at the wharf. It’s called the Discovery out of Juneau, Alaska. She was built in 1931 with the Length on deck 87′, Width 18’6″, Draft 8’6″, Cruising speed 8-12  Knots, Range 1200 miles, Water 600 gallons with a 600 gallon per day water  maker. It has six state rooms and their week long cruises cost around $4,300 per person. It’s nice that they chose Coupeville for one of their ports of call.



And this morning I saw here leaving just as I was getting to the wharf. She looks great out on the seas.


So that was my morning walk. I hope you enjoyed sharing it with me because I sure do enjoy having you along.

4 thoughts on “GRUMP ON A STUMP

    • As hard as it is to believe I had mushroom crape appetizer, crab macaroni and cheese with a nice Cesar salad and a glass of Merlot. All washed down with a apple berry crumb and ice cream dessert, yum.

  1. Nice story again today. I liked the detail on the Discovery, and photos too. Agree on the “not an Osprey” , likely an immature Bald Eagle as they do develop any white on their heads until the second year and the full adult plumage ,as shown in today’s photo, does not occur until 4-5 years of age. Best to you.
    Mike O’Brien
    Valley Head, AL

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