Hey everybody my brother Ron and his wife Lolli came for a little visit. The live in Fort Bragg, California and Lolli used to live in Shoreline, WA. She has a cabin at Eldger bay on Camano Island and is up here to celebrate her birthday with her family at the cabin. They managed to squeeze in an all too brief two day visit but was great to see them.

Ron and I walked across the island to Ebey’s Landing and the up and over the Ebey ridge trail. It ended up being around a ten mile walk in the fog. Here’s Ron at the Jacob Ebey blockhouse.


It’s unfortunate he didn’t get to see the full beauty walking along the ridge trail. This is about all he got to see.


It’s a three and a half mile loop trail that runs along the ridge and then returns along the sea. Here he’s made it to the bottom of the cliff. His sweatshirt is prefect it says “Fort Bragg Oddities”. It’s not a comment on him but a shirt he designed that’s sold in Fort Bragg and accompanies a travel broacher that shows all the “oddities” toe be seen in Fort Bragg.


Walking along the beach we discovered a huge sea monster. We were both surprised and had no idea any of these lived around here. It was pretty scary but appeared to be dead.


Ron commented that while we didn’t get to see a lot of great scenery it did give us an opportunity to get in some great conversation. Walking and talking with your brother is a great way to spend the day.

On the way home I saw this barn that caught my eye in the fog. It also shows what the fog was like for the whole four hour walk.


The final stop before returning home was the Coupeville Wharf. And wouldn’t you know he got a phone call just as we were leaving the wharf. Fortunately he is not a big phone talker so didn’t look like a teenager for very long.


Back home we had a nice big brunch to replenish our lost calories and then it was time for them to head home. This is Ron and Lolli on our front porch basking in the sun, finally.


It was great to see them and we wish Lolli a happy birthday and safe travels to both of them.

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