This morning’s walk took me out on the Ebey Prairie again and I was struck by the beautiful new growth on the prairie. Apparently all the hard work of the farmers plus the spring showers and sunshine are working well together. Click on the picture to see it in a larger format.


I noticed that the Tin Family got a new plow handle. I wonder how many of the fields in the panorama he plowed.


On my way back into town I noticed this old Rainier Beer sign in the Tyee Hotel bar window. Rainier was a huge brewing company in Seattle that ran from 1884 to 1999. I was sold off many times after that an today it’s completely gone. But it was fun to see this neon sign still shining.


By the way the Tyee Hotel, bar and restaurant has been in Coupeville since 1926.


Down by the wharf I saw a new sign on the kiosk. It is really interesting because they merged an old photo with a modern photo. I really like the effect. Below is that picture and below that is the picture I took today from the same spot, pretty cool.



And finally I though I’d share how people leaving Coupeville on Monday morning beats the morning rush, nice.


As usual, I hope you are enjoying my blog and telling your friends about it, the more the merrier.

2 thoughts on “PRAIRE PANORAMA

  1. Ahh yess, Raineeeyarh Beeeyarh Heeeyarh… one of the best ever commercials with the exhaust of the motorcycle growling out the above running through the gears… Thanks for the great job… fun

  2. Rrrraaaayyy – NNNNeeeaaaarrrr – BBBBeeeeaaayyyyaaarrr for sure one of the GREAT commercials ever… the motorcycle exhaust would growl out shifting through the gears…. fun… Thanks for the grrrrraaatttte job!

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