This morning’s walk as out on the Ebey Prairie again after a big rainstorm and wind storm yesterday. It left lots of standing water in the farm fields and the reflections in this pond caught my eye.


I’ve been checking out this barn for a while and this morning the sun was just right for Mr. Canon  to get a good photo.


Over by Ebey’s Landing I looked across Admiralty Inlet to see what looked like Port Townsend burning. Of course for those who live around here knows that its’ steam from the Port Townsend Paper Company founded in 1928.


Back on my side of the island I saw these beautiful little Bubbleja Globosa, Orange Ball Bubbleja flowers.


I also saw this Lilac along the fence of our waste processing plant, how nice.


Down at the wharf there were two immature eagles. A early morning kayaker was getting up close an personal with one of them sitting on an old piling and lamp post.


The other eagle posed very nicely for Mr. Canon.


And finally for today I want to remind you about the upcoming Penn Cove Water Festival this Saturday the 18th. It’s a really fun time for families with lots of activities for kids and the Indian dugout canoes races are always fun to watch. You can read all about it HERE.


Have a nice day and please share my day with you friends using whatever way works best for you.

4 thoughts on “FARM REFLECTION

  1. I lived in Port Townsend for a time – we called the paper company the P.T.T.P Company because they made a lot of . . . well, T. P. Magnificent photos as always. Don’t let Mr. Canon take all the credit.

  2. I must have gotten a different picture because I didn’t see any lilacs…..But the calalilies(sp?) and the other are beautiful…Still look forward to seeing what you have discovered each and every day…Thank you for sharing….

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