When it’s a Cat! During my morning walk I spotted what appeared to be an owl from a distance away. It was sitting on top of a fence post perfectly posed for a picture. Thanks got Mr. Canon’s 35X zoom going and I was able to get up close and personal with it. Unfortunately it was not an owl but a perfectly posed kitty which wasn’t unfortunate at all because I love cats and this one looked pretty sweet.


It was kind of a cool, drippy, gray morning  so there weren’t a lot of photo ops but I did see this old house with an interesting birdhouse.


And here’s the birdhouse, pretty cute idea.


In that same area I saw some deer playing golf. Actually they were putting on this guys artificial turf putting green and I’m sure the competition was stiff.


And lastly I have a question about roadwork. Some of the roads around town are starting to wear out and are in need of repair. Apparently it has come to the attention of the town as more and more marks are showing up on the roads. Going out Parker Road this morning I noticed new marks indicating the problem areas that need some attention. My question is, when the road is falling apart and it is really apparent that most of it needs to be resurfaced why are we paying someone to go out with a spray paint can and mark all the areas?

Along that same line I saw marks like this appear on the roads out on the Ebey Reserve roads a few months ago and now the marks are all faded and nothing has been done. So now do we need to pay someone again to go mark it when they do get ready to repair the roads or what? It just seems like a real waste to me.

So here’s what I saw on Parker Road this morning.


Enjoy my blog and enjoy your day 🙂

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