Yep this morning I walked all the way to Chicago and back, a total of 11.5 miles round trip. This blog will be a little long but with an extra long walk that’s what you get.

First stop before I got to Chicago was this beautiful old barn. It’s a little run down but still in use.


The first look I got of Chicago was from a hill looking south. The pilings lead to Keystone Spit where Chicago was going to be built. I’m talking about the little sticks crossing the lagoon. More on the history in a moment.


In 1890 the North Pacific Land Company had hoped to make a booming townsite on Kennedy Spit. A railroad would link “Chicago” with Coupeville and Puget Sound communities. The pilings across the lagoon were to support the railroad tracks. The “boom” never happened and the railroad never arrived.


Model homes were built in “Chicago” in the 1970’s. Built for speculation, the model homes were only two of hundreds to be sold on the spit. Years of battle between the community and spit developers ended with a land exchange  between Olympic National Park and Washington State Parks. The spit was preserved by its inclusion in Fort Casey Historical State Park. In 1988 firefighters conducted a controlled burn to remove the buildings. Here’s the kiosk at the park.


This is the original plat of Chicago Island Company submitted by the North Pacific Land Company.


There are still several houses on the spit that must fall just outside the park.


As I was leaving Chicago I noticed this neat mailbox and you know I love mailboxes.


I also spotted this metal and canvas art piece. When I first saw it I wasn’t sure what it was but upon closer examination is see it’s a whales tail.


At the west end of the spit is a boat launch where it looks like there are a bunch of people playing hooky at 8:00am on a Friday morning. The salmon are running and these are all boat trailers.


Just west of the boat launch is the Coupeville ferry terminal. The Kennewick ferry was just loading cars as I was walking by getting ready for the trop across Admiralty Inlet over to Port Townsend.


No matter what way you get onto Whidbey Island you’ll see this sign. There is one by the Deception Pass Bridge, one at the Clinton ferry terminal and here at Coupeville.


So on that happy note, come visit Whidbey Island via Scenic Isle Way. Have a great weekend and come to the Penn Cove Waterfest.

One thought on “GOING TO CHICAGO

  1. I had heard the story about the railroad and about the planning of a town, but never about the name of the town. Thank you for putting a name to it. It’s always good to get more of the story 🙂

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