Today’s walk was going to be called “Art Walk” but while out and about I noticed Darrel, a retired Methodist minister from Lincoln Nebraska. He’s one of those hearty souls that winters in Nebraska. Most people from the island winter in Arizona.

Before I show you Darrel I want to give you a little background. Most mornings I walk around 7 miles. My 72 year old brother Ron walks 3 – 4 miles and rides his bike 10 – 20 miles every day. So Darrel rides his bike three blocks, big deal. He walks down three flights of stairs, ho hum. He goes for a swim in Penn Cove at around 48 degrees F, burr. Then he walks back up the three flights of stairs and rides the three blocks back home. So what’s the big deal? He’s 93 YEARS OLD!!! He’s a delight to talk to and sharp as a tack.

I saw him while I was out on the wharf so the light wasn’t very good and he was a long ways away, but here he is just as he was diving into the water.


So now I’ll continue with my “Art Walk”. First up I spotted this yard art that’s pretty cool. It’s like a “What-is-it” playing a horn. It’s made from all kinds of interesting things.


A little further on I stopped at the Pacific NorthWest Art School. They have several interesting pieces of art and paintings. Here is a small sampling.




And then I spotted this metal tree on the side of a house and it looked really neat in the morning sun.


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