My friend Sallie wrote, “From chairs to chimneys – you’re raising your sights I see.” Well today I went a little higher. We have some very nice weather vanes around Coupeville and I decided to document them in my photoblog. My brother Ron has a blog similar to mine and he use to do themes and we were just talking about that after I did todays photo shoot. He’s done “weather vanes” in Fort Bragg, California. So here we go.

I won’t talk about each one because they were just randomly shot on top of houses and other buildings. This first on though is on top of our Island County Historical Museum.


23-weather-7   23-weather-8

23-weather-5    23-weather-4

23-weather-3 23-weather-2 23-weather-1

Just to give you a little idea of the lengths I go to bringing you these photos I walked 7.2 miles this morning and here’s the route I took.

23 walk

Here’s a picture looking toward Coupeville and the wharf.


And here’s Mr. Canon’s 35X zoom picture of the wharf from that same point.


So onward to another wonderful day in paradise, enjoy!

3 thoughts on “WEATHER VANES

  1. Loved the Eagle and fish…So look forward to what interesting sites you come across on your daily treks especially the old buildings…They have weathered just about the same as us oldies. Standing and saying “I am still here.”
    Thank you again for sharing with us a part of your world..

  2. Great weather vane photos Ken. And the last photo zoomed for the wharf, if you didn’t know there was a town you would think the wharf was right next to the little sand/rock spit!

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