This mornings walk through Coupeville, across the Ebey Prairie, over to Admiralty Inlet and back yielded nothing specific in pictures. So without a theme today I offer the following.

I’m guessing but I think after a night of grazing on our decorative plants in our front yard these deer needed and nap to digest the feast.


Next I saw this sign in someone’s window that made me laugh.


Just after I passed the hospital I heard a helicopter and it looks like someone is having a bad day. Our hospital is very nice but not what you’d call a “full service” hospital so quite often they will transport people who are in trouble by Airlift Northwest to Seattle hospitals. Oh and don’t worry about the power lines and trees, that’s an illusion from the telephoto lens.


On the way across the prairie is saw what I’d have call “true free-range chickens”. This guys are free to roam anywhere, there is no fence to keep them around. They must be happy there because I never see them crossing the road, but then why would they? 😉


Within this group of chickens I saw these Guinea Hens which I think are really cool looking.


When I got to the water on the southwest side of the island I spotted two large cargo ships, one coming and one going. There is a lot of commerce that goes through Admiralty Inlet.


Heading back across the island I notice that the crops are really starting to come in. This one was next to the old Ferry House at Ebey Landing.


And then there is this farmer that appears to be growing “Seagulls” 🙂


I snapped this shot of a beautiful 1892 farmhouse that looks like it could have been built yesterday it’s in such great shape.


And finally, as I had just crossed the highway that divides the prairie and Coupeville, the sky opened up enough to give me a great view of the Cascade Mountains and Glacier Peak. With the telephoto lens they look like they are just east of the island but in reality they are 75 miles away.


Enjoy your short week ahead after a nice three day weekend for many. Of course for us retired people it’s just another day.


  1. Suggestion: How about some tall, scraggly, strong old grandfather trees with the younger ones around him…Terrific symbolism wouldn’t you say? Trees are awesome…Love the old Victorian style house. All of the gingerbread on it certainly appears to very well taken care of…Thank you again for sharing.

    • Actually I’ve been thinking about some of the gnarly old trees along the coast, they have a lot of character. I haven’t seen vary many old ones surrounded by young ones but will look. Thanks Kathi.

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