Sorry I’ve been gone for a couple of days but this is the first morning in three days that it hasn’t rained. I find it difficult to find things to take pictures of with my rain hood up. Also my lens gets wet which isn’t good either. To further exacerbate the problem I don’t like walking in the rain so I don’t walk very far so not much interesting to see.

I’m glad to say that my Brother Ron has started up his “Walking Fort Bragg” blog again. He’s the one that inspired me to walk and blog around Coupeville. He finds many interesting things along his North California costal town that I think you’ll enjoy as well. Check him out at WalkingFortBragg.com.

But today there was actually some blue spots between the clouds and no rain, good weather is on the way. Here’s a shot of the wharf with a patch of blue in the distance.


So with that I posed a question to myself, “When  is a lawnmower not a lawn-mower?” I offer the following;

When you don’t pull the cord!


When you don’t turn the key!


When it or the owner is too old to push it!

31-mower4   31-mower5

31-mower6   31-mower7

And then I saw this oldie and I believe it might just still work.

And finally, “What’s wrong with these pictures?”

This our gray cat Ms. Kitty Kitty sitting in the middle of a gray street on a gray morning, nothing wrong here!


I’m afraid someone is not having a good day as I believe they might be up the proverbial “Creek without a paddle”! I saw this floating way out in Admiralty Inlet all by itself.


So that wraps up this week, have a good weekend.

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