I know it’s Sunday but we went to Saturday Market yesterday and thought I’d share the experience. Every Saturday, during the summer, Coupeville has a wonderful Saturday Market that runs from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. With the Ebey Prairie just a half mile away we get to choose veggies and fruit from the best of the best. There are also many local artisans who bring their creations to sell. It’s always a fun time with fun stuff to see.

So here’s an overview of the market.


You may have noticed all the Model A Ford’s in the background. The local Model A Club comes out most Saturdays to show off their cars and there are some really nice ones on display.


It seems that there are usually a couple of wood turners with their creations and this day there were two. Both of them make really pretty bowls.

30-bowl1 30-bowl2

The “Knotguy” AKA Force Five Knots, was there and always has interesting nautical knot stuff for sales and is always interesting to talk to.


There were a couple of ladies who played guitar and sang and I caught them entertaining this little girl with their lamb puppet. It was very cute ūüôā


One young woman that always shows up rides a bicycle pulling a big trailer loaded with frozen salmon and other seafood’s. She says it isn’t too bad but it looks like a lot of work to me.


And what would a Saturday Market be without at least one Chainsaw Artist?


One of our favorite local watercolor artists is Paul Woodfin, we have severalof his works.


They have a number of food vendors and I always find this wood-fired pizza oven interesting. Can you imagine what it takes to haul it down the road? I did notice that the oven is centered over the axels.


And finally the “fruits of our labor”, so to speak, although there wasn’t much labor involved.


Yum! We got a lot more than just the strawberries but don’t they look good?

We hope you enjoyed our little market and can come see it in person some day.


When I woke this morning I saw a beautiful sunrise with the orange/pink sun reflecting off the big puffy clouds. Looks like it will be a nice walk. But by the time I got out the door it started looking like the shore fog might be rolling in. By he time I got out across the prairie Ebey Road looked like this.


A little further closer to Ebey’s Landing¬†is the Ebey Ferry House. Originally built as Isaac Ebey’s home it later became a hotel. In the mid 1800’s people were ferried to the island from Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula and places beyond to Ebey’s Landing. They would stay in the hotel and a stage coach would take them across the prairie to Coupeville. You’ll have to look hard but it’s there.


At the end of the road is Ebey’s Landing State Park but it’s not very spectacular on a day like this.


Heading back toward town I swung by the Sunnyside Cemetery. It is named after the Ebey farm that was called “Sunnyside”. All of the old Ebey families are buried here.


This was my last look back at the prairie as I was heading back to Coupeville.


Of course back in Coupeville, only two miles away, it was a complete different story. Here’s the wharf as I was coming down the trail from Town Park.


As you can see by the wispy clouds against the blue sky it’s going to be a great day on the island.


And finally my photo of the week. A Great Blue Heron against Mt. Baker.


Have a great weekend and I’ll catch up with you again next week.


Today was the first time I’ve walked in a while due to some serious morning rains. This morning¬† it was threatening weather but I got in 5.1 mile walk¬†without¬†a drop. Thirty minutes after I got home it just dumped, lucky me ūüôā

Because of the weather I kind of hung close to home just in case it decided to soak me and I had to run. There were a number of odd¬†things that¬†I observed, hence “Oddservations”.

The first thing I noticed was a sign for a dog I’d never seen before.


Right across the street I saw this girl, coincidence? I think not.


A little further on up the road I saw a “sock on a rock”. Only one and nothing else around, odd.


The Coupeville High School will “Flamingo” your yard for a fee to celebrate the retirement of the resident. Usually it is done as a surprise by a spouse or kids. This house was “Flamingoed” this morning.


¬†In the Town Park I saw this young boy getting ready for his first slide ride. He looked pretty excited and did a “Good Job”.


Closer to home is Captain Thomas Coupe Park. He was the founder of Coupeville back in 1853. This garden is maintained by the Coupeville Garden Club and they do a pretty good job but I think they misjudged the size of this planting, woops.


While we live on an island it is not a tropical island but don’t tell these people, party on!!!


Back at home I though I’d add our birdbath to the “oddservation’s”. We bought the stand at the Coupeville Saturday Market and the bowl at the hardware store. We get lots of comments on it, all positive.


If you can, get out and walk, I’m always amazed at what all there is to be seen.


My sister Diane and husband Del are here from Dublin, California, in the Bay Area, visiting for a few days and I thought I’d share a little of their visit.

First of all they have set up camp on the parking strip in front of our house. Their beautiful¬†monster motorhome just barely fits although it’s getting a little crowded around here.


My sister and I were going to walk but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. Instead we drove them around and showed them some of the sites.

We went to Fort Casey to check out the Admiralty Lighthouse. This is Diane and Del in to top of the tower.


If you look down the stairwell from the top of the lighthouse you might get vertigo.


Outside the lighthouse we saw this sign but we could never find the “Demonstation Site”, hum?


Then we walked around the rest of the fort checking out the bunkers, cannons and other interesting things. I spotted the Port Townsend to Coupeville ferries crossing in the Admiralty Inlet. They were not as close as the picture looks but due to the telephoto it looks like a near miss.


We also stopped by the Fort Casey campground¬†near the ferry landing to see if they might want to say there the next time they visit. Here’s my sister Diane down on the beach.


And Del and Diane with the ferry in the background.


Marilyn’s sister Susie has come to live with us for a while so she joined in the fun. This is her and Marilyn at the campground (Susie in pink).


They seem to be very serious about recycling at this campground and sets a good example for the whole island. What I found most interesting in this picture was the two beer bottles that someone left on the tables instead of taking them another five feet to the recycle bin, nice, NOT!


We rattled around some more and ended up at Flintstone Park in Oak Harbor. This is Diane and Del cruising down the road in the Flintmobile.


We had a great time and can’t wait to do more with them. They are only here for two nights because Del is not retired yet so only have a three week vacation. They are traveling to Montana before gong back home. Next time they’ll both be retired and spend a lot more time on the island.

Thanks for letting me share our day with you.


We have wind and rain this morning so I didn’t walk but I did want to share some photos I took last night.

Every Wednesday night I rehearse with my band, The Tempos, a big swing band, over on the mainland. That involves a couple of ferry rides. On the way home last night I couldn’t resist pulling out Mr. Canon.

These are some from different places on the car decks.

20-boat01 20-boat02 20-boat03 20-boat04 20-boat05 20-boat06

Looking back east toward Everett.


Coming into the Clinton dock on Whidbey Island.


It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it. I get to play with a great group of guys and have a couple of fun boat rides, perfect.


I thought I’d try something different today and have you walk with me. As far as content the photos aren’t all that great but it does show just where I go when I talk about walking around Coupeville and the Ebey Prairie.

Here’s a map of the 7.4 miles I walked today.


There are a lot of pictures here and I’ve made them small so the blog will load faster, at least that’s my hope. If you find a particular picture interesting you can click on it and it will open up much bigger. So here I am starting west on 4th Street. Then left on Main heading south toward the prairie. The foot bridge is the overpass over Highway 20.

17-4th-street  17-main2  17-main3

Continuing south on Main and then west on Terry at the Prairie Center grocery store and Coupeville schools. Then left on Ebey heading out onto the prairie.

17-main4  17-terry  17-ebey1

Out on the prairie I turn right, south, on Cook road which goes over to Cemetery road and the cemetery. This road leads to the Ebey Farmhouse Trail.

17-cook  17-cemetary  17-ebey-house

From the Ebey Farmhouse is the narrow Pratt trail over to Ebey Landing. The trail then turns east along the cliff and then down some steep stairs to Ebey Landing beach.

17-pratt-trail  17-ebey-landing1  17-ebey-stairs

There is a small park at Ebey Landing that leads back to Ebey road towards home. Ebey road turns into Broadway at Terry Road.

17-ebey-landing  17-ebey2  17-broadway1

Broadway crosses Highway 20 and on into Coupeville. Broadway runs into the Coupeville Town Park.

17-hwy-20  17-broadway2  17-town-park

There is a nice small trail that runs along the cliff from the Town Park down to Coupeville. At the end of the trail is the Coupeville Wharf.

17-town-park-trail1  17-town-park-trail-2  17-wharf

From there I walk up Front Street through town to 9th Street. I turn east on 9th to my home street.

17-coupeville  17-front-street  17-9th2

This is Perkins Street, the best street in town ūüôā


Thanks for walking with me I hope you enjoyed the trip.


I thought I’d start with the line from “Throw Momma From The Train” where Larry, Billy Crystal, was trying to come up with the first line of his book. “The night was hot, wait no, the night, the night was humid. The night was humid, no wait, hot, hot. The night was hot. The night was hot and wet, wet and hot. The night was wet and hot, hot and wet, wet and hot; that‚Äôs humid. The night was humid.”

Yeah that’s it, “The morning was humid”! It did not rain during my walk and I never had one drop of water fall on me but I was wet by the time I got home. It was that nice ocean mist we get from time to time. It’s all part of living on an island.

This mornings walk was just the opposite of yesterdays walk. Yesterday I walked east from Coupeville out Parker Road to Highway 20, 6.2 miles. Today I went west out Madrona Avenue to Highway 20, 8.2 miles.

Not unlike Parker there’s not a lot to see because the road is banked on one side and lined with Madrona trees on the other but it’s still a beautiful walk or drive.


Along the way I spotted some real wildlife and some not so real. I know this isn’t “wildlife” but…


This is “wildlife” and it’s real.¬†This Great Blue Heron¬†was sitting on a mooring buoy¬†by the Mussel Farm. I assume it was fishing.


These aren’t!

14-duck     14-heron1

Toward the end of Madrona Avenue is Kennedy Lagoon. It’s a beautiful lagoon with some nice homes along the shores.

14-kennedy1 14-kennedy2

This is the end of Penn Cove and Madrona Avenue near Highway 20. This is looking east along the north shore.


This is the south shore looking toward Coupeville. If you look closely you can see the red Wharf in the middle of the photo.


Heading back toward home I noticed this little garden lined with Madrona logs. I like the red color of the Madrona wood.


Back in Coupeville I was walking on the Wharf and spotted this Pigeon Guillemot swimming along. Just as I was about to take its picture it flew but the photo still turned out pretty well.


So that’s a wrap for this week. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week.


But first… On this mornings 6.4 mile walk I went east on Parker Road all the way to Highway 20 and back. Nice walk but as always not a lot to see on Parker due to the heavily wooded road. But I did see a large number of deer this morning so I decided to capture a few, photographically speaking.

I’d like to start with a picture I took Tuesday near our house of a very young fawn hunkered down near our house. It was so cute and stayed perfectly still just as I’m sure it’s mother told it to do.


These guys looked confused, two crossing the road one way and the other two going the opposite direction.


With a lot of deer on the island we have to be very protective of our gardens as they really like to munch them down to the nubbins. This is one persons solution to the problem but it looks like some of the plants are growing above the screen and I sure will be trimmed by the deer.


Other people have gotten much more aggressive such as this neighbor of mine.


And here’s the problem.


As I got closer to Coupeville and home I spotted these deer down by Penn Cove. I’ve never seen the deer walking along this beach.


I was always told “don’t drink the water” because it’s saltwater. Well maybe a little isn’t so bad. Perhaps it’s like a liquid “saltlick”.


And finally to the subject of this blog, “Flying Deer”! Something scared these deer along the shore and they took off running toward me. But like deer do they don’t just run but “hop” and “leap”¬†like rabbits. While it’s a little hard to see, these guys are about three feet off the ground when I caught this. It was shooting from quite a distance away and from above so it makes it difficult to how high they are.


And on that “hoppy” note, have a great day ūüôā


When I walked out the door this morning I put my rain coat on because it was dark and threatening. About halfway across the prairie the sun came out and was very nice. By the time I got home, 7.2 miles later, the heavy clouds were back and the wind came up, must be spring in Washington.

Any how I noticed some interesting things, as usual, as I walked around. First I noticed that we have some really good farmers on our prairie. I really like seeing these signs.

12-prairie-2   12-prairie-1

But then I saw this at another field. I guess Monsanto has made it to our wee island as well, damn!


I also saw this squash farm that was really pretty. There were no signs saying if it was organic or not.


Closer to Ebey’s Landing I managed to catch this bird in flight. With my little Canon, zoomed in, that’s no easy task. It’s either an Osprey or immature Eagle. I’m going with Osprey.


And finally, you might remember a while back I had a picture of what looked like a container ship going across the prairie. Well this morning I spotted another container ship but this one was crossing the road.


That 35X zoom on my Canon sure is fun to play with.

That’s a wrap. For those of you who work, have a good Hump-Day and for those who are retired, like me, just have a great day ūüôā


I’m back and walking and gawking around town, it feels good. I noticed some different yard lights around town and decided to share them with you. I know, it’s not terribly exciting but I thought the differences were interesting. If you want a closer look at any of them you can click on any picture and¬†it will open up much bigger. Enjoy.

11-light01   11-light02

11-light03   11-light04

11-light05   11-light06

And my favorite one in front of Captain Joseph Clapp’s house which was built in 1886. I know, it’s a street light but it’s on their property and the only one in town. I don’t know the history of the light but it’s pretty cool and goes well with the Victorian home.


With that I’ll return you to your regularly scheduled day, make it a good one!