I had a little “procedure” done on Wednesday and that’s why I haven’t posted a blog for a couple of days. The doctor didn’t want me to do any serious walking until next week. So I decided to give you a little tour around our yard and mostly our gardens.

We have a lot of flowers around the front porch and this one in particular caught my eye.


Going around to the back yard here’s our barrel garden. Things are really starting to take off. The front two barrels have not been planted yet but soon.


Along the back fence the roses are in full bloom.


This is a garbage can growing potatoes. We started doing this several years ago and it really works well. We put in some dirt and plant potatoes. When they start to grow up we add more dirt and keep repeating that until the barrel is almost full. Then we let them finish growing and when it’s time harvest we have a barrel full of potatoes, nice.


And finally here’s a partial shot of our back yard. It’s time to start a campfire and enjoy the day.


Have a great weekend and I’ll get back to walking and gawking next week.

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