When I walked out the door this morning I put my rain coat on because it was dark and threatening. About halfway across the prairie the sun came out and was very nice. By the time I got home, 7.2 miles later, the heavy clouds were back and the wind came up, must be spring in Washington.

Any how I noticed some interesting things, as usual, as I walked around. First I noticed that we have some really good farmers on our prairie. I really like seeing these signs.

12-prairie-2   12-prairie-1

But then I saw this at another field. I guess Monsanto has made it to our wee island as well, damn!


I also saw this squash farm that was really pretty. There were no signs saying if it was organic or not.


Closer to Ebey’s Landing I managed to catch this bird in flight. With my little Canon, zoomed in, that’s no easy task. It’s either an Osprey or immature Eagle. I’m going with Osprey.


And finally, you might remember a while back I had a picture of what looked like a container ship going across the prairie. Well this morning I spotted another container ship but this one was crossing the road.


That 35X zoom on my Canon sure is fun to play with.

That’s a wrap. For those of you who work, have a good Hump-Day and for those who are retired, like me, just have a great day 🙂

2 thoughts on “MORE EBEY PRAIRIE

  1. Eagle again, even young Osprey have white on them and the wings are too wide for an Osprey. Eagles get their white markings between 3&4 years of age.

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