But first… On this mornings 6.4 mile walk I went east on Parker Road all the way to Highway 20 and back. Nice walk but as always not a lot to see on Parker due to the heavily wooded road. But I did see a large number of deer this morning so I decided to capture a few, photographically speaking.

I’d like to start with a picture I took Tuesday near our house of a very young fawn hunkered down near our house. It was so cute and stayed perfectly still just as I’m sure it’s mother told it to do.


These guys looked confused, two crossing the road one way and the other two going the opposite direction.


With a lot of deer on the island we have to be very protective of our gardens as they really like to munch them down to the nubbins. This is one persons solution to the problem but it looks like some of the plants are growing above the screen and I sure will be trimmed by the deer.


Other people have gotten much more aggressive such as this neighbor of mine.


And here’s the problem.


As I got closer to Coupeville and home I spotted these deer down by Penn Cove. I’ve never seen the deer walking along this beach.


I was always told “don’t drink the water” because it’s saltwater. Well maybe a little isn’t so bad. Perhaps it’s like a liquid “saltlick”.


And finally to the subject of this blog, “Flying Deer”! Something scared these deer along the shore and they took off running toward me. But like deer do they don’t just run but “hop” and “leap” like rabbits. While it’s a little hard to see, these guys are about three feet off the ground when I caught this. It was shooting from quite a distance away and from above so it makes it difficult to how high they are.


And on that “hoppy” note, have a great day 🙂

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