I thought I’d try something different today and have you walk with me. As far as content the photos aren’t all that great but it does show just where I go when I talk about walking around Coupeville and the Ebey Prairie.

Here’s a map of the 7.4 miles I walked today.


There are a lot of pictures here and I’ve made them small so the blog will load faster, at least that’s my hope. If you find a particular picture interesting you can click on it and it will open up much bigger. So here I am starting west on 4th Street. Then left on Main heading south toward the prairie. The foot bridge is the overpass over Highway 20.

17-4th-street  17-main2  17-main3

Continuing south on Main and then west on Terry at the Prairie Center grocery store and Coupeville schools. Then left on Ebey heading out onto the prairie.

17-main4  17-terry  17-ebey1

Out on the prairie I turn right, south, on Cook road which goes over to Cemetery road and the cemetery. This road leads to the Ebey Farmhouse Trail.

17-cook  17-cemetary  17-ebey-house

From the Ebey Farmhouse is the narrow Pratt trail over to Ebey Landing. The trail then turns east along the cliff and then down some steep stairs to Ebey Landing beach.

17-pratt-trail  17-ebey-landing1  17-ebey-stairs

There is a small park at Ebey Landing that leads back to Ebey road towards home. Ebey road turns into Broadway at Terry Road.

17-ebey-landing  17-ebey2  17-broadway1

Broadway crosses Highway 20 and on into Coupeville. Broadway runs into the Coupeville Town Park.

17-hwy-20  17-broadway2  17-town-park

There is a nice small trail that runs along the cliff from the Town Park down to Coupeville. At the end of the trail is the Coupeville Wharf.

17-town-park-trail1  17-town-park-trail-2  17-wharf

From there I walk up Front Street through town to 9th Street. I turn east on 9th to my home street.

17-coupeville  17-front-street  17-9th2

This is Perkins Street, the best street in town 🙂


Thanks for walking with me I hope you enjoyed the trip.

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