My sister Diane and husband Del are here from Dublin, California, in the Bay Area, visiting for a few days and I thought I’d share a little of their visit.

First of all they have set up camp on the parking strip in front of our house. Their beautiful monster motorhome just barely fits although it’s getting a little crowded around here.


My sister and I were going to walk but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. Instead we drove them around and showed them some of the sites.

We went to Fort Casey to check out the Admiralty Lighthouse. This is Diane and Del in to top of the tower.


If you look down the stairwell from the top of the lighthouse you might get vertigo.


Outside the lighthouse we saw this sign but we could never find the “Demonstation Site”, hum?


Then we walked around the rest of the fort checking out the bunkers, cannons and other interesting things. I spotted the Port Townsend to Coupeville ferries crossing in the Admiralty Inlet. They were not as close as the picture looks but due to the telephoto it looks like a near miss.


We also stopped by the Fort Casey campground near the ferry landing to see if they might want to say there the next time they visit. Here’s my sister Diane down on the beach.


And Del and Diane with the ferry in the background.


Marilyn’s sister Susie has come to live with us for a while so she joined in the fun. This is her and Marilyn at the campground (Susie in pink).


They seem to be very serious about recycling at this campground and sets a good example for the whole island. What I found most interesting in this picture was the two beer bottles that someone left on the tables instead of taking them another five feet to the recycle bin, nice, NOT!


We rattled around some more and ended up at Flintstone Park in Oak Harbor. This is Diane and Del cruising down the road in the Flintmobile.


We had a great time and can’t wait to do more with them. They are only here for two nights because Del is not retired yet so only have a three week vacation. They are traveling to Montana before gong back home. Next time they’ll both be retired and spend a lot more time on the island.

Thanks for letting me share our day with you.

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