Today was the first time I’ve walked in a while due to some serious morning rains. This morning  it was threatening weather but I got in 5.1 mile walk without a drop. Thirty minutes after I got home it just dumped, lucky me 🙂

Because of the weather I kind of hung close to home just in case it decided to soak me and I had to run. There were a number of odd things that I observed, hence “Oddservations”.

The first thing I noticed was a sign for a dog I’d never seen before.


Right across the street I saw this girl, coincidence? I think not.


A little further on up the road I saw a “sock on a rock”. Only one and nothing else around, odd.


The Coupeville High School will “Flamingo” your yard for a fee to celebrate the retirement of the resident. Usually it is done as a surprise by a spouse or kids. This house was “Flamingoed” this morning.


 In the Town Park I saw this young boy getting ready for his first slide ride. He looked pretty excited and did a “Good Job”.


Closer to home is Captain Thomas Coupe Park. He was the founder of Coupeville back in 1853. This garden is maintained by the Coupeville Garden Club and they do a pretty good job but I think they misjudged the size of this planting, woops.


While we live on an island it is not a tropical island but don’t tell these people, party on!!!


Back at home I though I’d add our birdbath to the “oddservation’s”. We bought the stand at the Coupeville Saturday Market and the bowl at the hardware store. We get lots of comments on it, all positive.


If you can, get out and walk, I’m always amazed at what all there is to be seen.

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