When I woke this morning I saw a beautiful sunrise with the orange/pink sun reflecting off the big puffy clouds. Looks like it will be a nice walk. But by the time I got out the door it started looking like the shore fog might be rolling in. By he time I got out across the prairie Ebey Road looked like this.


A little further closer to Ebey’s Landing is the Ebey Ferry House. Originally built as Isaac Ebey’s home it later became a hotel. In the mid 1800’s people were ferried to the island from Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula and places beyond to Ebey’s Landing. They would stay in the hotel and a stage coach would take them across the prairie to Coupeville. You’ll have to look hard but it’s there.


At the end of the road is Ebey’s Landing State Park but it’s not very spectacular on a day like this.


Heading back toward town I swung by the Sunnyside Cemetery. It is named after the Ebey farm that was called “Sunnyside”. All of the old Ebey families are buried here.


This was my last look back at the prairie as I was heading back to Coupeville.


Of course back in Coupeville, only two miles away, it was a complete different story. Here’s the wharf as I was coming down the trail from Town Park.


As you can see by the wispy clouds against the blue sky it’s going to be a great day on the island.


And finally my photo of the week. A Great Blue Heron against Mt. Baker.


Have a great weekend and I’ll catch up with you again next week.

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