I know it’s Sunday but we went to Saturday Market yesterday and thought I’d share the experience. Every Saturday, during the summer, Coupeville has a wonderful Saturday Market that runs from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. With the Ebey Prairie just a half mile away we get to choose veggies and fruit from the best of the best. There are also many local artisans who bring their creations to sell. It’s always a fun time with fun stuff to see.

So here’s an overview of the market.


You may have noticed all the Model A Ford’s in the background. The local Model A Club comes out most Saturdays to show off their cars and there are some really nice ones on display.


It seems that there are usually a couple of wood turners with their creations and this day there were two. Both of them make really pretty bowls.

30-bowl1 30-bowl2

The “Knotguy” AKA Force Five Knots, was there and always has interesting nautical knot stuff for sales and is always interesting to talk to.


There were a couple of ladies who played guitar and sang and I caught them entertaining this little girl with their lamb puppet. It was very cute 🙂


One young woman that always shows up rides a bicycle pulling a big trailer loaded with frozen salmon and other seafood’s. She says it isn’t too bad but it looks like a lot of work to me.


And what would a Saturday Market be without at least one Chainsaw Artist?


One of our favorite local watercolor artists is Paul Woodfin, we have severalof his works.


They have a number of food vendors and I always find this wood-fired pizza oven interesting. Can you imagine what it takes to haul it down the road? I did notice that the oven is centered over the axels.


And finally the “fruits of our labor”, so to speak, although there wasn’t much labor involved.


Yum! We got a lot more than just the strawberries but don’t they look good?

We hope you enjoyed our little market and can come see it in person some day.

2 thoughts on “SATURDAY MARKET

  1. I love, love, love our market and wrote an article about the great places for lunch (including Hot Rock pizza – yummy!) for Whidbey Life Magazine – it was in just this past Thursday! Thank yo

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