This morning’s walk started in Coupeville on a beautiful clear sky sunny day. This is looking over town and across Penn Cove. The orange morning sun is bathing Mt. Baker in a nice golden glow.

01-coupeville         01-mt-baker

St. Mary’s Catholic Church was receiving the same warm glow from the sun.


But I was surprised as I got closer to the other side of the island to see the “On shore push” the weather prognosticator had talked about in the evening news rolling the fog in from the southwest.


While I often walk the same roads, there’s only so many places you can walk on a small island, I’m always surprised when I see something I’ve never seen before. I really like this chicken coupe that these people have made. It looks like the chickens have their own camper.


I saw this Alfalfa sign which reminded me of the times my brother and I use to torment our mom and dad when we were on our summer vacations driving around the country. Every time we saw a field of alfalfa hay or even smell fresh cut alfalfa we would sing our song.

“Alfalfa hay, alfalfa hay, we feed our cows, alfalfa hay”

“Second  verse same as the first.”

“Alfalfa hay, alfalfa hay, we feed our cows, alfalfa hay”

“Third verse, a little bit worse”.

“Alfalfa hay, alfalfa hay, …” you get the idea. When we got somewhere between the twentieth verse and one hundredth verse mom would say “Shut Up” and mom would never say “shut up”. Then Pop would swing his non-driving arm around back in an attempt to smack us. It was great fun for us kids but it really got tiring for the folks.


Here’s Ebey’s Landing looking very similar to how it looked the other day.


All the cars, so early in the morning, were for fisherman trying their best to catch the illusive salmon. These two guys were doing a lot of fishing but no catching.


So we now get to the subject of this post, “It’s Lee For Me”. As you saw the fog bank rolling in above it was on the “Windward” side of the island. These next two pictures are back on the “Leeward” side of the island. Because the prevailing winds are generally out of the southwest I live in the “Lee of the island”. Translate that means, sunshine 🙂

These are some boats tied to the dock at the wharf with Coupeville in the background.


And finally I saw this huge Eagle standing on the beach near the wharf.


What a fantastic way to end a beautiful walk around my wee island.

3 thoughts on “IT’S LEE FOR ME

  1. Your mention of the Alfalfa reminds me of being a kid in Nebraska living in Valley and the smell of the alfalfa factory. It wasn’t that pleasant if I remember right but the fields were everywhere it seemed

    • The smell can be rather strong especially if you are around it all the time but for me, here and now, it brings back great memories.

      Didn’t Ron and I ever teach you the “Alfalfa” song? I’ll bet your mom remembers it 😉

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