It’s that time of year again for the sailboat races around the Whidbey Island area. The sail in Crescent Harbor, Saratoga Passage and Penn Cove. The races started today and will run through the week. Here’s a map of the race areas.


It’s a beautiful day and just a perfect breeze out of the west, just what the sailors love. I live where the red X is and can see the races from there but walked down to the beach to get a better view. Unfortunately they were racing to the far side of the cove so I was shooting almost a half mile away. I hope you enjoy these photos and remember you can click on any one of them to see it a lot bigger.

14-boat01   14-boat11

14-boat02   14-boat03

It got a little crowded rounding this mark. There were four boats going for it and it was some really close sailing. I have them here in sequence.

14-boat05   14-boat06

14-boat07   14-boat08

14-boat09   14-boat10

I think the spinnaker on this boat says it all “Party”! They came in dead last.


This boat wasn’t racing but I thought it was a nice shot of the wharf and boat.


There was another race going on at the same time only further out toward the entrance of Penn Cove. They were small catamaran’s similar to a Hobie  Cat’s.

14-cat01    14-cat02

What a picture perfect day on our wee little island. I hope you enjoyed the race.

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