Hi Boy’s and Girl’s! I had some surgery and I’ve been off the grid for a little while and will be for a while longer but I’ll try to post something interesting from time to time. I’ve started walking again but only one or two miles a day. I’m discovering that there is not near as much stuff to photograph on a short walk as I find on long walks.

Today’s post actually came from a little outing around our island last Saturday. We went to the Hummingbird Farm to see if we could find any hummingbirds. Unfortunately we only saw one and that was for justĀ a split second, no picture.

Here’s the gift store.


On their grounds I spotted this antique. Any idea what it is? We had one on our front porch in the 1950’s in North Bend, Nebraska.


It’s a milk separator that separates the cream from fresh milk.

From there we went to Joseph Whidbey State Part at West Beach to have lunch. Marilyn’s sister Susie was with us and what a beautiful day.


Last stop Lavender Wind Farm.


They are a big producer of all things lavender. They have some large fields of lavender and really pretty grounds. Here’s just a taste of it all.


Painted Daisies


Driftwood LOVE and lavender.


Marilyn had a long discussion with the nice lavender lady and ended up buying another lavender plant for our gardens.


One of the things they are known for is their Lavender Oil. They distill it in this old still and use it for all sorts of products including soaps, essential oils, wick deodorizers and much more.


If you ever visit Whidbey island be sure to make a point to visit the Lavender Wind Farm or their store in downtown Coupeville.

I hope you enjoyed our little trip around our wee island and will share it with your friends, thanks.