This morning it was overcast and I got rained on a little so the photo-ops were few. The first thing I noticed was we’re getting a new “Main Street”. Well not new but resurfaced. It looked like the prep was done and the new black-toping will begin today.


Out on Ebey Prairie I saw that the squash have all been cut and turned in preparation for harvesting. It looks like it will be a bumper crop this year.


In a field next to the squash I spotted a flock of Canada Geese but something unusual caught my eye. A “White Canadian Goose” amongst them.


I zoomed in to make sure and while the photo isn’t very good, due to low light, it’s definitely a “White Canadian Goose”.


Back in Coupeville on the wharf I see the rental kayak’s are stacked for the winter. Just one more sign that fall is in full swing and winter is on the way.


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This morning I walked out Parker Road and back. It’s not one of my favorite walks but in the five and a half miles walked I had almost five hundred feet of elevation change, a good workout.

The main reason I’m not crazy about walking Parker Road is because it’s tree lined and you don’t get to see much more than road and trees.

This morning it was a little more interesting due to the fog although a beautiful day is coming on. Here are a couple of “road” photos as I was heading east.



Heading back home and walking to the west I got this great shot of Coupeville and the wharf. I’m always surprised and happy when a photo-op like this crops up.


I hope you enjoyed it as much as me.


As we “fall” into Autumn it’s hard not to see signs of the changing season. This morning I collected a number of photos that show just how things are changing.

This is the first tree I’ve seen that has really started to take on fall colors.


It looks like the birds have vacated their home for the duration.


The Canada Geese are forming up and filling up on the grain left in the fields.


Of course with that comes the hunters. I spotted these guys a long way away in a field hunting for ducks or geese.


I guess this is why they like to hunt in the particular field.


Sherman’s Prairie Produce Farm has their hay bails all painted up and ready to place in the fields around their farm advertising the fact that they sell pumpkins.


They have been harvesting their pumpkin crop and have a large truck trailer loaded and ready to go to stores around the area.


And finally, one of the least liked signs of the season for kids.


Have a great day and enjoy the seasonal changes.


Right on queue the weather changed from summer to fall on the 22nd. We went from sunny and warm to cloudy, rainy, windy and cool overnight. It usually doesn’t happen that way but it seems the weather is more unpredictable with these days of “climate change”.

Going out on dark and rainy mornings is not my favorite thing but I gave it a shot and did not get wet, timing is everything. The really bad news is that taking pictures gets more difficult with the less light you have. Here is my offering from the past two days.

What it’s like when I leave the house, not very impressive, sixth street walking west.


As it got lighter I noticed that even the snow level had dropped on the Olympic Mountains and there was fresh snow on top of the highest peaks.


Out on the prairie the squash is ready to harvest and they have a huge crop this year. Apparently the farmer landed a big contract with a ravioli maker in Auburn, Washington that is going to make “squash ravioli” so he planted an extra field just for them.


And here are the harvesters working away. They cut the squash from the vine with pruning cutters and will later hand load the squash onto trucks. Hard work for some hard working guys.


The storm that blew through Sunday and Monday made a real mess of the tennis court in our town park. I don’t think anyone will be playing there today.


As I approached the wharf I just had to take a picture of it with the dock turned on. Unfortunately they don’t show as good as I had hoped, still a nice photo.


 Out on the wharf I saw this nice little tug boat tied up to the dock. I assume the people spent the night on their boat in our wee town.


And finally I think these people waited too long to take their dingy out of the water. It looks like they really have their work cut out.


I hope you enjoyed my photos and have a great day!


Another beautiful morning walking around Coupeville and the Ebey Prairie. I walked from one side of the island to the other and back taking way too many photos. Even though I took  bunch I hope you can take the time to look at them all.

The sunrise was spectacular once again.


The moon was still full and it caught my attention as I walked under a light pole. It made me think of what it would be like if instead of sodium-vapor streetlights they were all moonlight.


Here’s a little closer look at that light source.


I walked along the bluff trail to Ebey’s Landing. The morning light was really wonderful.


Where the bluff trail turns east you can look down on the beach where I saw a group of fisherman trying to lure the illusive salmon.


From there on the birds got all of my attention. When I took this picture I thought it was better than it turned out but still it was interesting to see a blackbird attacking a hawk.


Heading back across the prairie I caught this hawk in flight. It was cruising the fields looking for small critters.


Back on the north side of the island, out on the wharf, I spotted this Great Blue Heron down on the dock. I don’t know why it was looking at this small space between docks, I don’t think it could catch any fish there.


As I was walking off the wharf I spotted these seagulls swimming, flying and sitting on the beach. I thought it was an interesting photo.


And finally I spotted these birds sitting on the dock. It’s Al and Deborah, two friends that I cross paths with on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s. Those are the days they walk and they walk ten miles each day. I think Deborah walks every day.


What a great way to wrap up this week. I’m not sure what next week will be like as rain is in the forecast. Have a great weekend.


What a beautiful morning! Unfortunately rain is on the way but for now this is great.

Here are some photos from this morning’s walk. I didn’t walk all that far but thought you’d enjoy the few I took.

This is sunrise from our house looking east.


This is looking north from just above our house.


I spotted something unusual on the ground and upon closer inspection it was a birds nest. I believe it had fallen out of the tree. No eggs this time of year but next spring someone will have their work cut out for them.


Since Kmart and Walmart are getting a jump on Christmas we decided to get a jump on Halloween before everyone forgets. Coupeville has a contest every year for the best themed scarecrow. It’s for businesses so we won’t compete but it’s fun having one in our yard. Marilyn and her sister Susie put this guy together. The lighting was a little off due to the time of day but you get the idea.


Have a great day!


I had strange weather for my walk this morning. We had .16 inches of rain between 3:00 am and 6:00 am so it looked like I’d walk in rain but when I left the house at 6:45 it just looked threatening. By the time I got out to the Ebey Prairie there was blue sky to the west, clouds with some clearing to the east and a low fog bank rolling in.


The fog rolled on in and then left almost as fast as it came.

I noticed this sort of eerie Madrona  Monster. It’s a knotty hole in a Madrona tree.


Out on the wharf I snapped this picture of a Heron and two sailboats. I though it made a nice composition.


As a final note, this weekend is the Oyster Run in Anacortes. It’s the largest gathering of motorcycles in the state. The actual event is Sunday but bikes will start showing up this Friday and last through Sunday. Many of the motorcycle drivers will stop in Coupeville.

I believe the town is getting ready for all these “OLD” bikers by putting in ADA ramps 🙂


Sorry my biker friends I just couldn’t resist.


It was another foggy morning today and not many photo-ops presented themselves. But as always, when I’m walking, my mind is working away. Not on anything in particular just thinking about “stuff”. One thing that caught my attention was the road work that is in progress out Parker Road. Here’s kind of how my thoughts and these photos developed.

We’ve been building roads in this country since the beginning of man and probably before with animals creating trails. We’ve built thousands of miles of roads, highways and freeways all without “Upside Down Paint” until the past few years. How on earth did they ever do that.

We now have “specialists”, probably highly educated and well paid people, who walk around with paint cans spraying cryptic notes on and along side the roads for the lesser paid, harder working, road crews to interpret. It’s hard to believe we ever built a road before the invention of upside paint cans.

So for this Friday the 13th here is my offering.





And they have to even tell the sign digger where to plant the sign, wow!


Have a great weekend, I’ll catch up with you next week.


It was foggy as I left the house this morning so didn’t expect a lot of photo-ops. But like my brother Ron, www.walkingfortbragg.com, always says; “When you have fog take fog pictures”. OK bro here ya go.

I like this shed that is being devoured by plant life and in the fog it’s even more interesting.


While shopping the other day I noticed that even though Halloween is over a month and a half away they had all the candy and displays out already. I guess they want to beat the Christmas rush, jezz. Any how I guess that inspired the next two photos.

First is one of several farms that are growing pumpkins and they are really starting to come on.


The cemetery took on an eerie look in the fog.


I’m always surprised where inspiration comes from when you are walking and gawking. I spotted these birds perched on the power lines. I thought it would make an interesting photo and it’s OK but not great.


When I got home and was editing down the days photos for my blog something odd struck me about this photo. It looked like sheet music to me. So I crudely Photoshopped it and came up with this. Anyone want to try and play a few bars?


And finally on the way back home I notices these chimney vents and thought they looked like 1550 Comb Morion Helmets.


What do you think?


Have a great day!


Despite the terrible events of September 11th, twelve years ago, the sun rose on Coupeville and the rest of the United States of America.

I left early for my walk this morning because we had someone coming by the house at 8:00 so at 6:00 when I left it was still almost dark. About twenty minutes into my walk saw the sun was slowly lightning things up including Mt. Baker.


An hour later when I was out on the Ebey Prairie the sun was finally starting to peek over the Cascade Mountains. It’s really amazing how long it takes for the sun to actually rise here in the Northwest.


When I got back over to Penn Cove I could see the sun shinning on the west end of the cove.


When I got to the wharf it was really beautiful with the reflection of Coupeville in the still water and the dock that goes out to the wharf.


There were several boats anchored out in the cove which made for one last nice reflection photo.


What a beautiful place I live. It’s pretty hard not to be in awe of it all on a morning like this.