Actually I was never gone let’s just say I was taking a break. I have been walking most days but haven’t been uploading any pictures. Well that ends today as I found a few interesting  things to take pictures of.

It was sort of a foggy morning and daylight was just coming on when I left home at 6:30. Heading out on the prairie I noticed this old barn that is empty. I’ll post a photo in a few weeks when it is full of hay. It’s amazing how much hay they go through in a year, from a full barn to completely empty.


Coming back into Coupeville and out on the wharf I noticed this row of Seagulls perfectly spaced on the roof line of the wharf. I wonder if there is a rule in nature about how close one bird can be to the next.


I saw a couple of lovely old boats, one tied to the dock and the other on a mooring buoy. I’m not sure if these are old wooden boats on their way home from the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Show or if they are here early for the Coupeville Art of the Boat Show next Saturday the 14th.



And finally on my way home I saw this Buck. It’s the first one with big horns I’ve seen this season. To some people here on the island I’m sure this looks like food but to the nice people around Coupeville they are more like pets.


I hope you enjoyed having me back and I’ll try to start doing better.

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