It was another foggy morning today and not many photo-ops presented themselves. But as always, when I’m walking, my mind is working away. Not on anything in particular just thinking about “stuff”. One thing that caught my attention was the road work that is in progress out Parker Road. Here’s kind of how my thoughts and these photos developed.

We’ve been building roads in this country since the beginning of man and probably before with animals creating trails. We’ve built thousands of miles of roads, highways and freeways all without “Upside Down Paint” until the past few years. How on earth did they ever do that.

We now have “specialists”, probably highly educated and well paid people, who walk around with paint cans spraying cryptic notes on and along side the roads for the lesser paid, harder working, road crews to interpret. It’s hard to believe we ever built a road before the invention of upside paint cans.

So for this Friday the 13th here is my offering.





And they have to even tell the sign digger where to plant the sign, wow!


Have a great weekend, I’ll catch up with you next week.

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