Right on queue the weather changed from summer to fall on the 22nd. We went from sunny and warm to cloudy, rainy, windy and cool overnight. It usually doesn’t happen that way but it seems the weather is more unpredictable with these days of “climate change”.

Going out on dark and rainy mornings is not my favorite thing but I gave it a shot and did not get wet, timing is everything. The really bad news is that taking pictures gets more difficult with the less light you have. Here is my offering from the past two days.

What it’s like when I leave the house, not very impressive, sixth street walking west.


As it got lighter I noticed that even the snow level had dropped on the Olympic Mountains and there was fresh snow on top of the highest peaks.


Out on the prairie the squash is ready to harvest and they have a huge crop this year. Apparently the farmer landed a big contract with a ravioli maker in Auburn, Washington that is going to make “squash ravioli” so he planted an extra field just for them.


And here are the harvesters working away. They cut the squash from the vine with pruning cutters and will later hand load the squash onto trucks. Hard work for some hard working guys.


The storm that blew through Sunday and Monday made a real mess of the tennis court in our town park. I don’t think anyone will be playing there today.


As I approached the wharf I just had to take a picture of it with the dock turned on. Unfortunately they don’t show as good as I had hoped, still a nice photo.


 Out on the wharf I saw this nice little tug boat tied up to the dock. I assume the people spent the night on their boat in our wee town.


And finally I think these people waited too long to take their dingy out of the water. It looks like they really have their work cut out.


I hope you enjoyed my photos and have a great day!

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