As we “fall” into Autumn it’s hard not to see signs of the changing season. This morning I collected a number of photos that show just how things are changing.

This is the first tree I’ve seen that has really started to take on fall colors.


It looks like the birds have vacated their home for the duration.


The Canada Geese are forming up and filling up on the grain left in the fields.


Of course with that comes the hunters. I spotted these guys a long way away in a field hunting for ducks or geese.


I guess this is why they like to hunt in the particular field.


Sherman’s Prairie Produce Farm has their hay bails all painted up and ready to place in the fields around their farm advertising the fact that they sell pumpkins.


They have been harvesting their pumpkin crop and have a large truck trailer loaded and ready to go to stores around the area.


And finally, one of the least liked signs of the season for kids.


Have a great day and enjoy the seasonal changes.

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