It was another foggy morning today and not many photo-ops presented themselves. But as always, when I’m walking, my mind is working away. Not on anything in particular just thinking about “stuff”. One thing that caught my attention was the road work that is in progress out Parker Road. Here’s kind of how my thoughts and these photos developed.

We’ve been building roads in this country since the beginning of man and probably before with animals creating trails. We’ve built thousands of miles of roads, highways and freeways all without “Upside Down Paint” until the past few years. How on earth did they ever do that.

We now have “specialists”, probably highly educated and well paid people, who walk around with paint cans spraying cryptic notes on and along side the roads for the lesser paid, harder working, road crews to interpret. It’s hard to believe we ever built a road before the invention of upside paint cans.

So for this Friday the 13th here is my offering.





And they have to even tell the sign digger where to plant the sign, wow!


Have a great weekend, I’ll catch up with you next week.


It was foggy as I left the house this morning so didn’t expect a lot of photo-ops. But like my brother Ron,, always says; “When you have fog take fog pictures”. OK bro here ya go.

I like this shed that is being devoured by plant life and in the fog it’s even more interesting.


While shopping the other day I noticed that even though Halloween is over a month and a half away they had all the candy and displays out already. I guess they want to beat the Christmas rush, jezz. Any how I guess that inspired the next two photos.

First is one of several farms that are growing pumpkins and they are really starting to come on.


The cemetery took on an eerie look in the fog.


I’m always surprised where inspiration comes from when you are walking and gawking. I spotted these birds perched on the power lines. I thought it would make an interesting photo and it’s OK but not great.


When I got home and was editing down the days photos for my blog something odd struck me about this photo. It looked like sheet music to me. So I crudely Photoshopped it and came up with this. Anyone want to try and play a few bars?


And finally on the way back home I notices these chimney vents and thought they looked like 1550 Comb Morion Helmets.


What do you think?


Have a great day!


Despite the terrible events of September 11th, twelve years ago, the sun rose on Coupeville and the rest of the United States of America.

I left early for my walk this morning because we had someone coming by the house at 8:00 so at 6:00 when I left it was still almost dark. About twenty minutes into my walk saw the sun was slowly lightning things up including Mt. Baker.


An hour later when I was out on the Ebey Prairie the sun was finally starting to peek over the Cascade Mountains. It’s really amazing how long it takes for the sun to actually rise here in the Northwest.


When I got back over to Penn Cove I could see the sun shinning on the west end of the cove.


When I got to the wharf it was really beautiful with the reflection of Coupeville in the still water and the dock that goes out to the wharf.


There were several boats anchored out in the cove which made for one last nice reflection photo.


What a beautiful place I live. It’s pretty hard not to be in awe of it all on a morning like this.


Actually I was never gone let’s just say I was taking a break. I have been walking most days but haven’t been uploading any pictures. Well that ends today as I found a few interesting  things to take pictures of.

It was sort of a foggy morning and daylight was just coming on when I left home at 6:30. Heading out on the prairie I noticed this old barn that is empty. I’ll post a photo in a few weeks when it is full of hay. It’s amazing how much hay they go through in a year, from a full barn to completely empty.


Coming back into Coupeville and out on the wharf I noticed this row of Seagulls perfectly spaced on the roof line of the wharf. I wonder if there is a rule in nature about how close one bird can be to the next.


I saw a couple of lovely old boats, one tied to the dock and the other on a mooring buoy. I’m not sure if these are old wooden boats on their way home from the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Show or if they are here early for the Coupeville Art of the Boat Show next Saturday the 14th.



And finally on my way home I saw this Buck. It’s the first one with big horns I’ve seen this season. To some people here on the island I’m sure this looks like food but to the nice people around Coupeville they are more like pets.


I hope you enjoyed having me back and I’ll try to start doing better.