I temped the weather gods again this morning and won. I got a nice five mile walk in with many threatening clouds. One really nice thing about Coupeville is we live in the “shadow” of the Olympic Mountains. What that means is that the Olympic Mountains block the rain generating clouds from dumping on us. Here’s an excellent radar image of this mornings weather courtesy of


These are some of the clouds that are being “pushed” around our wee town.


On the wharf in Coupeville I finally got a photo of a Harbor Seal. The reason I say “finally” is because these guys have a strong sense of when you are about to take a photo. Just as you squeeze the trigger they dive leaving a photo of “water”!


And finally a little bit of little known Coupeville history. This is a walnut tree but not just “any” walnut tree. This tree was planted by Maria Coupe, wife of Captain Thomas A. Coupe, the namesake of Coupeville. It is next to his house and was planted sometime around 1870.


I hope you enjoy my little history lessons about Coupeville, the Ebey Prairie Reserve and the Penn Cove area.


  1. WOW. That old gnarled grandfather tree could have so many stories and so much wisdom to share. He is truly beautiful. Thank you.

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