Yesterday I showed you the rain shadow we get from the Olympic Mountains. Sometimes it’s called the “weather hole”. This morning on radar I saw the most definitive image of that “hole” I’d ever seen. It turned out to be a nice dry walk, thank you.

3-weather hole

On Ebey Prairie I saw a huge bank of clouds over Seattle and Everett. But you can also see the blue skies opening up in Coupeville.


On  Penn Cove I noticed this really low cloud bank along Camano Island, I thought it made a nice photo.


Just to give you a few more photos around Coupeville, it looks like they are gaining on replacing the perfectly good ADA ramps with the new ADA ramps. I  wasn’t able to get a photo of all the workers for this one ramp but there were seven people there. Our tax dollars at work.


This is “rush hour” on Main Street near the highway. Despite all the roadwork, traffic appears to be flowing smoothly 🙂


Madrona Street travels west out of Coupeville. It’s lined with Madrona trees and this one really caught my eye this morning.


And finally I though you should know that it is Fire Prevention Week. As this sign suggests, don’t let you pets cook if they don’t understand the fire dangers!


Enjoy your day!


  1. Thanks so much Ron! Really enjoyed these photos! Very nice that you are in the rain shadow there…a reprieve from the NW rain.

  2. Once again the tree is awesome but those clouds really take you away. Thank you. They are so absolutely beautiful. The master crafter at one of his best.

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