Over the past couple of weeks it has been cloudy and rainy during my morning walks. This morning the sky was clear but we had some fog. This combination made the spider webs really “pop” as they were covered with dew.

But first, here’s the sunrise in the tule fog.


And here are some the spider webs. There were thousands and thousands of them.


They say that when spiders build lots of webs in the fall it means a cold winter. I hop they are wrong.


I believe this spider missed the part of the class where they taught them to fill in the center.


I couldn’t resist taking this snails picture in the morning sunlight. He sure did have a pretty shell. Of course it could have been a “she” as well.


I typically don’t take “art” photos, mostly I’m a landscape/nature/historical shutterbug. I did make a small attempt at some “art” this morning. I hope you enjoy it, or not. After all “art” is in the eye of the onlooker.

This is a house on a hill, in the fog, with the morning sun reflecting off the windows.


I thought these power lines and birds made a nice geometric photo.


And lastly “Dewdrop and Barbed Wire”, enjoy.


Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “SPIDER WEBS AND MORE

  1. Awesomely awesome is the only way to describe your photos today. Creates a feeling of patience, calmness and for some an eyeopener as to this beautiful place we live in, You are to an artist. The pictures you took today are coming from a place inside you that you have yet to realize exists. Please keep up your journey for us. Thank you.

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