A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Coupeville has a scarecrow contest every fall for businesses and I had a picture of our offering, the scarecrow in a wheelbarrow. This past weekend a number of scarecrows started showing up. While I haven’t heard what the theme is this year I believe it has to do with fairy tales.

I only walked two miles this morning before the rain chased me home but I did manage to capture a number of scarecrows.

The following three were in front of the elementary school. I think the first two were by the youngest kids and the third one was by Mrs. Helm’s 2nd grade class.




This is the Lions Club offering as you come into Coupeville.


This was in front of the Whidbey Island Bank.


This was at the Methodist Church.


I’m not sure what business put this tall skinny guy up but I believe it was the Thrift Store.


And my favorite one so far was done by the Coupeville Bistro.


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