I had a busy day and didn’t get this posted until late in the afternoon, sorry.

I walked 6 1/2 miles in  “Pea Soup” fog, I couldn’t see any further than about 1/8 mile. I still managed to find a few interesting photos for you.

Here’s a good photo of the fog as I walked on the Kettle Trail alongside highway 520.


The Sherman Pioneer Produce Farm is open for selling pumpkins. This trailer is parked on the corner of their farm. What caught my eye on the sign is that Sherman Pioneer Farm Produce was started in 1852, the town of Coupeville wasn’t  founded until 1853.


I spotted this log and it looked like a “Laughing Horse”. What do you think?


I do believe that this boat has seen better days as far as a watercraft goes but it makes a better photo now.


Coupeville in the fog.


The weather forecast if for more of the same, the photo-ops are getting slim.

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