It was a crystal clear morning for my walk today. Unfortunately I spent most of it looking at the ground, let me explain. Yesterday while riding my new bike I lost my “FitBit”. It was only a four mile ride but when you’re looking for a needle in a haystack, that’s a lot of looking down. I walked a total of six miles and did not find it, darn.

What I did salvage from my walk was a nice photo and some silly ones. I’ll start with the silly ones first.

Here on the Ebey Prairie they grow some very strange crops. To being with did you know that they grow “marshmallows”? Well they do here.


We have another farmer that grows “Seagulls”. I don’t believe  I’ve ever eaten a farm grown Seagull 🙂


This is the story of the “Hard Workin’ Guy and The Slacker”.

The first guy, the “Slacker” was responsible for sweeping the edge of the road for the line painter.


The whistle blew and he stopped for the day.

The “Hard Workin’ Guy”, a “Line Painter”, only had a mile to go to finish the road so he kept right on working to finish the job even though the whistle blew.


What a dedicated guy 🙂

And finally a really nice photo of a farm with the Olympic Mountains in the background basking in the beautiful morning sun.


Have a great week ahead and thanks for visiting my Photoblog.

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