In recognition of Veterans Day I’d like to ask each one of you to think about all of the men and women, who have served in defense of our country, for their service and sacrifice. Some gave a little, some gave a lot and some gave their life. If you run into a vet today or any day for that matter, take a moment to recognize them and thank them for their service.

With that I’d like to do is thank a few vets from my life.

First is my grandfather Albert Bang who was a cook that served in “The Great War”, World War One. I can’t imagine how many tired and hungry solders he must have served during his time in war. He came home to a heroes’ welcome and lived a long life.


A big thanks to my dad, Conrad Bloomquist ,who was in the Army Air Corps and flew a glider in France during World War Two. He was injured in a plane crash that sent him home to rehab.


Here’s what he flew.


Also thanks to my big brother Ron who I believe was an electronics technician in the Navy serving on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific during the Vietnam War.


And a very special thanks to my cousin Allen Peterson who gave it all for his country during the Vietnam War. God rest his soul.


I even got to do my part starting in 1962. I served in the Air Force at McConnell Air Force Base, Wichita, Kansas, working on the Titan II missile.


And finally here is Coupeville’s recognition for all the serviceman who gave their lives for their country. This is Sunnyside Cemetery during my walk this morning.


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