This morning’s walk started out “dark” with very heavy cloud cover. About three miles into it the skies started to drip. It was one of those Pacific Northwet costal kind of rains where it’s not raining hard but it is soaking just the same and with the wind blowing 5 – 10 MPH it was difficult to take pictures. Because I wear glasses I tend to walk with my head down to keep my glasses dry. That is not very conducive to looking for good shots.

I just noticed something interesting, when I view my blog in a web browser and mouse over the photos they darken up a bit more like they look when I post them. Otherwise they tend to look a little washed out, hum? Give it a try and tell me what happens for you.

With that preamble here is my effort for the day.

Just to show you how dark is was I took this view overlooking part of Coupeville and Penn Cove.


I cut through Krueger Woods which has a nice trail although it too was quite dark.


Then I got lucky with the next two shots. It had lightened up enough to get something “photographic” for you. This barn needs some serious work but I believe it’s on the list of Ebey Forever Fund projects.


I really like  the rustic color of these doors and window.


That wraps up this week, I look forward to walking with you again next week.

2 thoughts on “DARK AND WET

  1. Kenny, Yes it did darken on my iPad when I touched the photo ( same as mousing over it). Out of curiosity, I copied the photo into Snapseed editing program on my iPad and could increase the brightness quite a bit, but there is then noise in the photo. This kind of weather is not kind to those of us who are photographers. I still appreciate your effort.
    Mike O’Brien
    Valley Head, AL

    • Mike, I was trying to make a point about the darkness hence the two dark photos. I probably could have “improved” them but they weren’t all that great of photos. The other two I did “sweeten” a wee bit in Photoshop to brighten the up.
      hanks for walking with me,


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