What a glorious walk in paradise this morning all be it a little chilly, 30 degrees F. There was hardly a cloud in the sky and it was just spectacular. I found lots of things to photograph and had a hard time whittling them down to the few below. I hope you enjoy my little island.

Remember, if you mouse over the pictures they “sweeten” up a bit.

My camera, a Canon SX30 IS, which isn’t a great low light camera but I keep trying. It did pretty good this morning at the beginning of my walk when it was still quite dark. This is the historic Coupeville Wharf.


A little further along I just couldn’t resist this moon “slingshot”. But in the spirit of “full disclosure” I have to admit I Photoshopped it a little bit. Sometimes it’s just fun to mess with things.


I love this fence that’s covered with driftwood.


I spotted this Western Flicker all puffed up, trying to keep warm and basking in the morning sun.


And at the end of my walk I just had to take this photo of the wharf from the other side with Mt. Baker in the background.


As usual, thanks for walking with me, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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