This morning’s walk was even cooler than yesterday at 27 degrees F. That made for a little more frost so I finally got some “Frost” photos. I hope you enjoy them.

The first thing I noticed were homes with where people had their fireplaces warming up their homes. I love the smell of wood burning, it reminds me of when I was a kid and went to my folks cabin at Stevens pass. There was no electricity so we had a Franklin stove to warm the cabin. Outside you could smell the combination of the crisp fresh air, pine trees and smoke. It was like that this morning, great memories.


This deer was a fawn  earlier this year and now had a dark winter coat on as well as some fat to keep It warm.


This car window caught my eye as it represents frost at it’s finest.


I think this photo just oozes “cold winter morning”. I like all the frost on the ground and the coldness of the pastel sky.


The Coupeville Wharf was quite frosty this morning. You can see from where the car had driven out the dock and left tire tracks in the frost.


Out in front of the Lavender Wind Farm store I found this freezing flower. It looks so cold with its head hanging down.


With that I think I’ll go stand in front of our fireplace and warm up a little. Enjoy the weekend ahead.

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