Once again it was foggy but more so than days before. This morning, while I’ve never been there, it felt more like what I’d expect London Fog would be like. Of course like my brother and friend Tom say, “In fog take fog photos” so here ya go.

First stop Front Street. This is the short two block road that runs through historic downtown Coupeville.


Out on the wharf I saw some drips on a fishing line that runs just above the pier railing to keep the seagulls off. They have a tendency to “go” anytime, anywhere. I thought it made for a somewhat interesting photo.


Sadly I’m afraid that the fishing line doesn’t do very good job at keeping the seagulls off the rail. They’ve learned to ignore the fishing line and perch away.


From the wharf looking back at the buildings along Front Street.


Penn Cove, the water that shorelines Coupeville, is famous for “Penn Cove Mussels”. As I’ve said in the past the seagulls really like them and usually get their fill at low tide when lots of mussel beds are exposed. For the first time this morning I saw them plucking mussels off the sides of the pier pilings. Hard to believe after almost eight years here this is the first time I noticed it.


Oh what will tomorrow bring, more fog, hum. What ever I wake up to we’ll explore the morning together.

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