This morning’s walk started out “dark” with very heavy cloud cover. About three miles into it the skies started to drip. It was one of those Pacific Northwet costal kind of rains where it’s not raining hard but it is soaking just the same and with the wind blowing 5 – 10 MPH it was difficult to take pictures. Because I wear glasses I tend to walk with my head down to keep my glasses dry. That is not very conducive to looking for good shots.

I just noticed something interesting, when I view my blog in a web browser and mouse over the photos they darken up a bit more like they look when I post them. Otherwise they tend to look a little washed out, hum? Give it a try and tell me what happens for you.

With that preamble here is my effort for the day.

Just to show you how dark is was I took this view overlooking part of Coupeville and Penn Cove.


I cut through Krueger Woods which has a nice trail although it too was quite dark.


Then I got lucky with the next two shots. It had lightened up enough to get something “photographic” for you. This barn needs some serious work but I believe it’s on the list of Ebey Forever Fund projects.


I really like  the rustic color of these doors and window.


That wraps up this week, I look forward to walking with you again next week.


I missed you yesterday but the wind was blowing 25 MPH and it was threatening rain, I’m a woos.

I did have a nice 6 1/2 mile walk around Ebey Prairie this morning. Here’s the Google Map Pedometer map across the Ebey Prairie to Ebey’s Landing and back.


I hadn’t walked that loop for a while so got some photos from different spots. You’ll understand the title of this blog when you get to the last photo.

But first it looks like they flew the coupe, a long time ago.


This picture was taken above Ebey’s Landing looking east over Admiralty Inlet.


This is the beach down at Ebey’s Landing.


Walking east, up hill from Ebey Landing, I spotted this moss covered tree. When we were kids Dad would tell us that it’s “moldy bear hair”.


Here’s another “Ebey’s Forever Fund” project. The fund “was created to preserve, protect, and sustain the Reserve’s heritage buildings…” This is a wonderful old barn that is being saved. They put the new roof on over the summer. They still have a long way to go, what a project.


And finally, did you every wonder how eagle’s got to be so powerful? Well here ya go!


Thanks for walking along with me we always have a good time 🙂


In recognition of Veterans Day I’d like to ask each one of you to think about all of the men and women, who have served in defense of our country, for their service and sacrifice. Some gave a little, some gave a lot and some gave their life. If you run into a vet today or any day for that matter, take a moment to recognize them and thank them for their service.

With that I’d like to do is thank a few vets from my life.

First is my grandfather Albert Bang who was a cook that served in “The Great War”, World War One. I can’t imagine how many tired and hungry solders he must have served during his time in war. He came home to a heroes’ welcome and lived a long life.


A big thanks to my dad, Conrad Bloomquist ,who was in the Army Air Corps and flew a glider in France during World War Two. He was injured in a plane crash that sent him home to rehab.


Here’s what he flew.


Also thanks to my big brother Ron who I believe was an electronics technician in the Navy serving on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific during the Vietnam War.


And a very special thanks to my cousin Allen Peterson who gave it all for his country during the Vietnam War. God rest his soul.


I even got to do my part starting in 1962. I served in the Air Force at McConnell Air Force Base, Wichita, Kansas, working on the Titan II missile.


And finally here is Coupeville’s recognition for all the serviceman who gave their lives for their country. This is Sunnyside Cemetery during my walk this morning.



This morning’s walk conjured up a bunch of “blue” songs, “The Bluest Skies You’ve Ever Seen”, “Blue Moon” (but no moon), “Color Me Blue”, etc. The reason was because of the blue skies I saw as I started out. But you might be surprised by my photos as I’m sure this is what you are thinking of. This is the Blue Goose Inn that I took near the end of my walk.


But that’s not the case. This is what started me thinking “blue”. This photo is looking out over Coupeville and I used no Photoshop on it at all.


Out on Ebey Prairie I saw the sun rising and you guessed it, it was “blue”!


Looking south toward the Olympic Mountains, “blue”.


Looking north across the prairie, “blue”.


Looking up at a Orion P3 sub chaser flying overhead, “blue”.


This farm has a nice “blue” background.


It may be a “blue” Friday but I’m a happy guy 🙂

Have a great weekend and please give a minute or two to remember our courageous veteran’s during this Veteran’s Day weekend.


Sorry friends but there are no Coupeville Impression photos from my walk today. The wind blew all night, it’s still blowing and it’s not a very nice looking day for a walk. I decided with the wind gusting 35 – 40 MPH and rain on the way I’d take a break.

Here’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it 🙂


The weather is trending from the south southwest. I’ll try to be back on line tomorrow.

Make a great day!


This morning the weather was threatening and I didn’t want to get caught in a downpour out on the prairie so I walked around town. I walked most of the north and south streets in Coupeville. That ends up being quite a workout since north – south goes from the beach up to around 200 feet. Since it was all in town I began noticing some of the additions that people have made to their homes. Then I noticed the horrible colors some people have used to paint their homes. I hope you find this interesting and you get to see a wee bit more of my town.

Here’s today’s route:


Thank you Google Pedometer

The first add-on I noticed was this “crows nest”. Here on the island “view” is everything and some people go out or their way to get one.


This add-on looks like it would be a nice writing room or craft room.


I don’t know what these people were thinking with this addition. It’s an area they created under their deck and the sliding glass doors are sloping outward which would be hard to seal with all the rain we get. They did look wet on the inside.


Here are a couple more “view platforms” that caught my eye.



This was not an addition but it seemed a strange to build a garage at a 45 degree angle.


And then there is “color”. I’m not sure what these people were smoking but it must have been just before they went to the store to look at paint chips. There seems to be a lot of “green”.




The next time I walk around town I’ll get some pictures of the beautiful Victorian homes that were built by sea captains in the late 1800’s.


My post’s title today kind of reminds me of Norman in “Throw Mama From The Train” when he was looking for the right word to start his book. Anyhow this morning was very “moist”. It didn’t rain but by the time I got home I was wet. Despite the weather I did find some interesting photos for you to enjoy.

We had a pretty good wind storm over the weekend which blew a bunch of leaves and pine needles off the trees. Here they are combined into one photo.


I noticed this tree that looked like a mushroom. It’s interesting how it lost its leaves.


I decided to take a walk through Krueger Woods. It’s a nice little trail through the woods that’s only about a quarter mile long.
To the woods!” “No not the woods!”…


We have red and white berries sprinkled in the bushes along the road. You don’t usually see them in a cluster like this. It reminded me of a cluster of wine grapes but I think I’ll pass on these.


I believe this shot of Front Street in historic waterfront Coupeville gives you a good feel for the weather during my walk.


This sailboat looked very lonely in the drizzle and fog.


I also spotted this truly “Island Truck” which made me think of “Mater” from the “Cars” movie. The owner just got the engine back in but now it looks like his tire needs some air.


That’s my offering for today, I hope you enjoyed walking with me. I always enjoy having you along.