It looks like everyone is sleeping in for the big New Year’s bash tonight. I walked 3.8 miles on one of the three main roads into Coupeville and saw “one” car! I did not see any other walkers either so it was pretty peaceful and quite. It was quite cloudy and dark so not very many photo-ops.

But here are a couple of snaps for my effort. The first is a very dark wharf with the Christmas lights still running out the railings and around the Coupeville sign above the door.


And Coupeville was a “Ghost Town”.


So onward to a happy and wonderful New Year. May it be the best in your life 🙂


Boy oh boy was it quiet this morning, there must be a lot of people taking the week off. Not only was it quite peaceful but it was beautiful as well. I walked around the Ebey Prairie and along Front Street in Coupeville.

The sunrise was just beautiful from the prairie.


Looking to the southwest the pink sky, blue snow capped Olympics, wonderful old farm and the newly growing green field made for a nice photo.


As an indication of how busy it was this morning, this is historic Front Street, catching it’s breath from the busy Christmas weekend.


There was, however, some maintenance going on around town. If you recall it had pictures of the roads being resurfaced around town. Now, several months later, they are  getting around to adding the crosswalk markings.


Down at the end of our street at Cap’t Thomas Coupe’s Park they were doing something with the boat dock and ramp. When the winter storms come in it can get pounded really hard so I’m not surprised to see it needs a little help.


Merry Un-Christmas and enjoy the short week ahead.


From our house to yours, here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

This is our family Christmas Eve party at my daughter’s house.


From left to right. Back row: son-in-law Matt, daughter Jenni, grandson Camden, my wife Marilyn, ME.

Front row: grand daughter Emerson and grandson Hudson.


What a surprise, we have snow this morning. Unfortunately I can’t find my snow shoes so no walking.

Actually we only have about 2″ of accumulation and it will be gone by this afternoon. That’s about all the snow we ever get on the island but it’s exciting while it lasts.

So instead of talking pictures from around Coupeville I took some “snaps” from around our home, enjoy.


The front of our home.


Close up of the “Perkin’s Street Penguins”, we live on Perkins Street.


The snow is quite wet and makes for interesting shapes on our patio.


I like the “raised rims” on our barrel garden.


The back garden wall created a “dashed” effect, nice.


This is probably as close as we’ll get to a real snowman this year.

Have a great weekend ahead and my you have a White Christmas!


It was a beautiful morning walk today that presented with numerous photo opportunities. It was pretty dark again when I left at 7:15 but there was a beautiful sunrise happening to the southeast. What caught my eye first was what appeared to be a “forest fire”. Of course it wasn’t, just a beautiful sunrise behind the trees.


Once I got out of the woods I was presented with a beautiful view of the Olympic Mountains.


Back over in Coupeville the wharf looked really nice it the early sun light.


While a lot of people decorate their homes for Christmas I spotted this place that had all their decorations up. Has anyone ever told you that the people here in Washington State and Coupeville have a passion for Football? Christmas lights and football, nice combination.


Back home I took this picture of the little display we have in front of our porch. We live on Perkins Street so it seemed appropriate to display the “Perkins Penguins”. Credit goes to Marilyn’s sister Susie who made it for us.


Have a great day and catch you in the morning.


I didn’t walk this morning for two reasons. First the wind was gusting over 30 MPH and while waiting for it to subside I got busy and just didn’t make it out. Fortunately that didn’t stop my photo efforts.

I spotted “Da Moon” out the back window and just had to take a picture.


Then out the front window I spotted the fawn, which was wearing its winter coat, munching away on our Bergenia. They aren’t supposed to like those, that’s why we plant them out front. Oh well, so much for that idea!


Have a great day and with any luck we’ll go for a walk tomorrow.


Have I mentioned lately that it’s dark when I go for my morning walks these days? Oh yeah, just yesterday 🙂

This morning I was trying to take a picture of some Christmas lights. My little Canon SX30is just doesn’t do a very good job with high contrast, low light photos. Therefore I “juggled” when I took the picture and it “squiggled” the tree lights. That gave me the idea for today’s post. I hope you enjoy my fireworks!

17-5   17-4

17-6   17-7

17-2   17-8

17-1   17-3

One last shot out on the Coupeville Wharf!


Now back to your regularly scheduled program!


With fifteen hours of “dark” plus another three or four hours of muted light due to clouds makes getting nice photos for you good people at best. I guess I could walk later in the day but I like to get out and get it over with, I’ve got lots of things to do. Just five more days though and the daylight hours start increasing, yippee!

Out on Ebey Prairie this morning I saw that the farmers were plowing their fields rejuvenating the soil. Just last month this is what the squash field looked like.


Today all evidence of squash had been removed by the plows. Notice the beautiful rich soil we have in this small prairie farmland.


On the way back I saw another sign of the “advancing” holiday. This star appeared to be rushing toward a goal.


Out on the wharf I spotted this floating bed of kelp and it caught my eye. I think it made for an interesting photo.


That should start your week with a smile. Enjoy the days ahead as we rapidly move toward Christmas.


What a beautiful morning for a walk. Not too cold, no wind and just a little chilly, perfect! Along the way I saw more signs of Christmas with a Dinosaur Santa, huh?


On out toward Ebey Prairie I passed the junior high/high school where they have a “Rock”. I have seen this rock painted with things like “Bob and Judy Forever” and “Go Wolves” but this mornings message was especially nice as it went out to everyone who drove or walked by.


I’m not sure what this old farm building is but I sure do like it. I have no idea what it’s function was on the farm. It’s tall, square and not very big. Any ideas?


The Olympic Mountains were looking quite “Wintery” this morning making for “Winter Olympics”!


And just a little bit more Christmas spirit with this beautiful holly bush.


For all you working people, “What Day Is It”? For all you others enjoy your Wednesday.